Artifacts: Better than an Excavation Site

Raise your hand if you like shopping. Now, raise your hand if you like thrift shopping *insert Thrift Shop by Macklemore*. Well, you are not alone (that's if you raised your hand -- if you didn't, well, you will be after this). If you're anything like me, you probably love a good deal, especially if it's found locally. And boy, do I have a gem for you! *drum roll please* ARTIFACTS located on the corner of East Market and North Gilbert (if you're bad with directions, it's right across the street from Bluebird). In this treasure chest of a store, you'll find loads of antique and unique items ranging from old pictures and doorknobs, to vintage clothing and jewelry. It's also a great place to purchase inexpensive presents, especially with Valentine's Day coming up! If you do give Artifacts a chance, I highly recommend roaming about it on a rainy Saturday morning and rummaging through the old pictures (trust me,  I've done it). I promise that this hole in the wall shop will not disappoint!