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And the Oscar goes to… The Best and Worst of the 84th Academy Awards

I have to admit that it has been quite some time since I have actually watched the Oscars in its entirety. I guess over time I just got sick of watching the presenters recite bad jokes off a teleprompter and watching one film, that I had never seen, take home all the awards.

This year was not that different, but I will say there were some parts that I thoroughly enjoyed. On the flip side, there were some parts that I just plain hated.

Oscar-Worthy Moments:

The Introduction of the Nominees

I really enjoyed the way that the nominees were introduced in each category. Instead of simply showing a clip from the movie being nominated, each introduction contained a clip of an interview of people who worked on the project with the nominee. The clips contained video of the actors, directors and other set crew who gave reasoning as to why the nominated person should win the category. This was much more personal, and it really made winning the award that much more special.

Will the Real Rooney Mara Please Stand Up?

WHAT!? Um, yeah my jaw literally dropped when I saw what The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo star Rooney Mara looks like in real life! I think the makeup artist for that movie should have been nominated and won the “Makeup” category!

Octavia Spencer Wins Best Supporting Actress Oscar For “The Help”

This was by far my favorite moment of the entire show. It really made me realize that some of these actors are regular people too. Octavia broke down as soon as she got on stage and didn’t get many words out before saying, “I’m freaking out. Thank you world!” and continuing off stage while bawling. It was just such a pure and happy moment that was truly deserved. You go, girl!

And now on to the Hall of Shame winners of the evening…

French Silent Film “The Artist” is Ruling the World

Okay, so obviously Uggie, one of the stars of “The Artist” is positively adorable, but on to the meat of the matter. I am absolutely baffled as to how a silent, black and white film can compete, let alone win, among the high definition, full color, movies with words that it was up against. Granted I have not seen the movie, but there is something about paying $10 to see a movie that has no words that keeps me on my couch watching Disney movies on ABC Family instead. I am sure from an avant-garde point of view “The Artist” is a cinematic masterpiece. But I was a cinema major once, and if I never see another avant-garde film again it will be too soon. The film took home a total of five Oscars, including the coveted “Best Picture” award. The film also won the Golden Globe for “Best Motion Picture, Comedy or Musical” this year.

Angelina Jolie Mistakes Herself as Starving Ethiopian and Tries To Adopt Herself

Now this is just sad. You think with all that money that her and Brad have, she would at least be able to afford some food. But, I guess it can’t be cheap feeding all of those children of theirs. But seriously, gross. Why in the world would anyone feel the need to be this skinny? Especially when you are the second most famous actor in the world, and your husband is the first! What kind of example are you setting for today’s youth? Get yourself a cheeseburger, woman!

J. Lo’s Nip Slip

While J. Lo and Cameron Diaz presented the award for best costume design, something suddenly began peeping out of J. Lo’s dress. At first glance, you thought, “Maybe it’s part of her dress, or it could be just a shadow.” But then the inevitable became apparent. It was her areola. Ask anyone who watched the Awards; J. Lo totally had a nip slip! However, contrary to what everyone knows really happened, J. Lo’s stylist denies there was any “slips,” claiming the sexy gown was designed with special built-in cups that would have prevented any such incident. Mmmhmm, sure.
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