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Alternatives To Being Basic This Fall

Almost as spooky as the ghouls and goblins of Halloween is the speed with which a f–kboy will leap towards some poor girl in leggings drinking a PSL and brand her with the title “basic.” If you’d like to hide your basic-ness like witches hid their powers in Salem, try out these eight alternatives to basic fall activities.

1. Instead of wearing leggings, wear joggers.

Joggers came onto the fashion scene as most trends do: on the legs of hipsters. Joggers, though, didn’t gain the same traction leggings did, so this alternative will still help you avoid the title of basic. Joggers have the same comfort and outfit-prep ease of leggings, minus some versatility, plus a cool-girl vibe.

2. Instead of wearing boots, wear booties.

Boots are the shoes your mom wants to borrow; booties are the shoes that makes your mom shake her head at fashion these days. Sure, they don’t offer the same warmth as boots, but booties are edgier than boots with the versatility to femme them up as well. Another problem with booties over boots: you may have to switch out your leggings for jeans, but I promise it’ll be worth it.

3. Instead of taking pictures of the trees, take pictures from inside the tree. 

Everyone’s college campus north of the Mason-Dixon line has a host of scenic, color-changing trees to grace the social media of its students. But POV is key in separating yourself from the basics. Take advantage of the still-nice weather and climb right up in that tree’s business. A picture of your (bootie-clad) legs dangling through the branches hung with warm-toned leaves will get so many more likes than your standard angle.

4. Instead of wearing North Face, try thrifting a jacket.

Something about oversized, lived-in, college-budget-friendly jackets from thrift stores will always keep your warmer than expensive name brands. The jacket you buy from a thrift store may have more mileage than a brand-new North Face, but with the low prices, you can buy six to shuffle through.

5. Instead of pumpkin spice, try maple.

It’s hard to divorce the idea of pumpkin from fall, but I promise maple is just as warm, cozy and homey as your favorite blend of fall spices. Maple’s best stage, besides syrup, is probably in donuts, so hit up your local bakery.

5. Instead of group costumes, try letting your group pick your costume.

Think of this activity like Secret Santa for Halloween: your Secret Jack-o’-lantern. Draw names out of a hat (or pumpkin). You design a costume for whoever’s name you pull, and whoever pulls your name will design yours. You’ll have a blast watching your friend try to justify the sumo wrestler costume you put her in while you adjust your Donald Trump hairpiece. 

7. Instead of apples, try pomegranates.

Buying pomegranates at the grocery store doesn’t have the same appeal as going to pick apples at an orchard (unless you want to fly to the Mediterranean), but both are delicious fruits in season in the fall. Anyone can bake an apple pie, but the refreshing taste of a pomegranate in some exotic dish will impress all of your friends.

8. Instead of all of the self-deprecating jokes about being basic, embrace what you like to eat, wear and do, and don’t give a damn about what anyone says.

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