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Advice For Setting Up Your New College Room

Moving into your new place can be frustrating and all around stressful. What to buy, what not to buy, finally arriving at your place and realizing you need so much more stuff only to realize after shopping, that you over bought. As crazy as it can be, moving into your new place can actually be a really fun and exciting experience. A clean room means a clean start and a new way to express yourself. Now, here’s a little insight on how I went from this:

To this:

I’ve spent two years in a bright pink and purple flower print room. When I finally figured out where I would be living next year, I decided it was time for a change. Each part of your room should describe a different part of you. When I started to style my room, I thought about what I love and what I’m passionate about, which really helped me design my room. 


Makeup is something I have always been so passionate about from a young age. I knew that I wanted to have a space in my room where I could do my makeup and study. I ended up getting a semi-large table top, a file cabinet and two legs to put together as my desk. This gave me a large enough space to set up my makeup, and still have a study space, all in one. As for where I should put it in my room, lighting is always key when it comes to makeup. I positioned it in front of a window so I would get great natural lighting. The vanity mirror I purchased was pretty cheap on Amazon and it came with two different light settings. As for the makeup containers, Marshalls and HomeGoods all the way!


It is very clear that I am an old time music lover, just by the decor in my room. When I first got my iPod touch all I would ever listen to was the Beatles. In college, I took a class on the Beatles and I’ve read several books. I’ve also seen their Las Vegas show…you could say I’m obsessed. When I was picking out decor for my room, I decided to go with something that meant more than cheesy sayings that didn’t really mean anything to me. Once I started collecting vinyl records, I knew that they would work as great decor. After searching here and there, picking up a John Lennon picture or a Fleetwood mac poster, my room finally came together. 

And Of Course, Sleep!

If I’m not out and about, you will most likely find me in bed. I wanted to go with a very plain and simple look for my bed. I chose black because I didn’t think a pop of color blended very well with the different album covers and I didn’t want it to look out of place. A black comforter helped keep the room neutral and not too overwhelming! 

When you’re picking out stuff for your room, remember who you are and what puts a smile on your face everyday. It may not be what other people like but it’s your room for a reason! 

Image credit: Claudia Jannes

My name is Claudia Jannes, and I am a junior at the University of Iowa! I am a English and creative writing major in hopes to become a high school English teacher. I am thankful for her campus for giving me a voice on campus and on the internet!
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