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Abortion Should NOT be Controversial, Illegal or even Politically Based

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The state of Texas was sued because of their current law that bans abortions. The Justice Department claimed that it was, “in open defiance of the Constitution”. The claim stated the law is invalid and Texas must protect the rights they have attempted to violate. The enforcement of this current law strips the rights women have over their own body and free will.  Allowing this law to be enforced discriminates the Roe v. Wade, which makes abortions permittable excluding the government’s constraint. 


“Many people don’t know they are pregnant within the first six weeks, ” Neelam Bohra reported for Texas Tribune. Women may not be aware that they are even pregnant during this time, which is usually when a heartbeat is first detected. This is alarming because although studies have shown that while “heartbeats” may be discovered, this does not necessarily mean the heart is fully developed. 


A most common sign of pregnancy is when a woman misses her period, which is about 4 weeks. Some women may also have unusual menstrual cycles. This doesn’t give women an adequate amount of time to be aware of what’s going on in their bodies, let alone to decide if they want to terminate their pregnancy. When the law become established, it was reported that neighboring states like New Mexico, were drowned with appointments from Texans. If a woman chooses to foresee the medical abortion, she is still required to have a follow up within two weeks. If she is still pregnant, she will again have to intake another dose. Abortions and women are two historically controversial subjects. Why is there a political warfare about what a person, particularly a female, decides to do with their body?


Whenever a person makes a life-changing decision, it does not necessarily mean that the state or court should chip in and decide to permit or deny choice. Abortions are meant to be discreet: whether a woman was molested, their birth control method wasn’t solid, or is simply not ready to a conceive a baby, who are we to say what one person should do with their body? With the law exempting women to consider an abortion even from incest or rape, why should a woman suffer doubly from a traumatic event?

Having the option to terminate an unborn child decreases costs for states including limited foster homes, welfare, adoption, and providing for children who may have mental and physical disabilities.  The first trimester the average cost of medical abortion ranges between $300-$500. While for procedural abortion, it is roughly estimated between $300-500.


With so much political and state conflict going on, it’s safe to say that we should continue to utilize care centers like Planned Parenthood, and the continuous debate about abortions and women’s right should be at an end. It is quicker for a law to be enforced, compared to making a life decision and contacting a health care professional to prospectively plan a termination.

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