8 Tips for Staying Safe on Halloween, According to Mean Girls

College's favorite holiday is nearly upon us. Last-minute touches on carefully planned costumes are being made, and party plans are being set. Halloween is the one time out of the year, as Regina George would put it, when you can dress however you want without anyone judging you. Although costumes, parties and fun are a big part of Halloween, it's important to remind ourselves that it's a holiday to celebrate with caution. Keep these tips in mind on your Halloween weekend to ensure it's fun and safe.

1. Trust your instincts.

Halloween is full of fun costumes and a great time to meet new people. However, keep your guard up. Because it's Halloween, many people may be wearing disguises or things over their faces. If your gut tells you the stranger in the creepy mask has ill intentions, leave the party.

2. Use the buddy system.

Never walk alone or wander off with someone you don’t know. It’s best to always have a close friend in your vicinity in case something goes wrong or you feel uncomfortable in a situation. It also may be smart to have a code word, like "candycorn," in case you find yourselves in an awkward or less-than-convenient situation. Keeping tabs on each other will benefit both of you in the end.

3. Know the people you’re with.

It’s tempting to ditch your friends and party hop with the cute boy you met at the party earlier in the night. However, it’s the safest to always know a majority of the people you’re with. This is important because you will be with people you already trust and know.                                                                                                                                 (Squad Goals)

4. Wear a functional costume.

If you’re just learning how to walk in sky-high heels, Halloween is not the time to break in a new pair. Make sure your costume is easy to move around in, in case you have to leave somewhere in a hurry. Also, make sure your costume is weather-appropriate, as Iowa weather can be very cold during the fall months. (Okay, maybe Regina, Karen and Gretchen aren't very good at setting the perfect example of this but...)

5. Don’t set down your drink or leave it unattended.

As always, pour your own drinks or have a trusted friend pour them. Also, never accept drinks from someone you do not know or trust. Make sure to pay attention to your drinks and never set them down or leave them unattended.                                                                                       Regina knows to never set her drink down...DUH

6. Keep your phone on.

Make sure your phone is fully charged and on your person before you head out for the night in case you lose a friend at a party or run in to an emergency situation. Keep it on loud in case one of your friends loses you or needs to get ahold of you over the course of the night.

7. Bring emergency cash.

Make sure you set aside emergency money in case you need to take a cab home or need to buy something important throughout the night.

8. Be careful when crossing the street.

Halloween is a time when many drivers make the unwise decision to drink and drive. More pedestrians are out and about during Halloween, and drivers may not be as cautious. Make sure you’re aware as you cross the street in case of drunk or ill-alert drivers.


Now that you're fully equipped with these tips, you can make sure you have an exciting and disaster-free Halloween. Happy (Safe) Halloween, Collegiettes!


*Photos via Pinterest