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8 Strong Female Musicians You Need on Your Playlist

With the start of the new school year, there’s no better way to prepare yourself than with some new music from some powerful female artists. With that, I have compiled some of the best artists to take a look at when you need to get out of your head this year. Some pop, some rap, some whimsical delights that will pull you away from the stressful times that come at the start of a new year. 

1. Tash Sultana 

Tash Sultana rose to the charts after they posted a video to their social media pages, which pulled in one-million views in just five days. Prior to this, they worked as a street musician in Melbourne to make a living. With their grunge-inspired beats and their proficiency in more than 12 instruments, the self-taught musician is thriving, to say the least. Being a non-binary, self-made, independent artist, there’s not much else they could do to inspire a year full of taking control. Check out the rising star’s chart-topping songs, Jungle and Notion to see what I mean. 

2. Niykee Heaton 

While still in high school, Heaton began uploading covers of popular hip-hop songs to her YouTube channel, which gained her a rise in popularity in the following years. After teaching herself to play the guitar at just nine years old, the young star spent the majority of her time working within the realm of music. With the release of her 2014 album, Bad Intentions, she created the life that she had always dreamed of. Describing her own music as, “…two worlds colliding, like folk, rhythm, Shakespeare sonnets mixed with Kanye trap beats,” it’s hard not to be in awe of her raw talent. You can find Heaton on SoundCloud, YouTube, and most popularly, Instagram, where she somehow has a magical way to instantly make you feel like the bada** you are! 

3. Lauren Sanderson 

An Indiana native, Sanderson began posting her music on YouTube and SoundCloud. She began to grow her following as a motivational speaker. With the release of her first EP, Center of Expression, Sanderson stood out with her single Palm Springs and jumped on the road touring with not much idea of what she was going to be doing. Since then, she has signed with Epic Records, created a new album, left the record company, opened an online thrift store and has empowered women all over the world. That’s not even including the rest of the music and movements she has created since her start in the music industry. Check out her self-made documentary to see the masterpiece that is Lauren Sanderson.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lQnSKD7EvrI

4. Astrid S 

At only sixteen, Astrid S released her first song, which followed with many more in the close years after. Only a year later, the young musician dropped out of high school to focus on her career in the music industry, which gained attention two years later when she joined Troye Sivan on the European leg of his tour. Her whimsical and light music really took the lead when she released her second EP titled Party’s Over

5. Olivia O’Brien 

In 2016, the young singer collabed with Gnash on his single, I Hate You, I Love You, which rose to the No. 10 song on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The now 19-year-old signed with Island Records shortly after. After collaborating with Blackbear on her second single, Root Beer Float, the pop star released her debut album, Was It Even Real?, only two months ago. She’s also teamed up with artists including G-Eazy and Jack & Jack. Still on the rise, O’Brien is creating a realistic and fun portal for every young adult!

6. Fletcher 

The very popular Undrunk singer began her music career when she competed on the premiere season of The X Factor in 2011. Eliminated after the fifth round, Fletcher took a year off from NYU to release her debut single, War Paint. With incredibly relatable lyrics about exes, the musician released If You’re Gonna Lie as a prequel to the song Undrunk, which caught attention of young women all over the world. 

7. The Veronicas

The Australian pop twin sisters, Lisa and Jessica Origliasso, also known as The Veronicas, started their career over a decade ago with the release of their debut album, The Secret Life of… in 2005. Since then, the twins have expanded across the world, split from a previous record company, signed with Sony Music Entertainment and taken time to advocate for Steve Irwin’s Wildlife Warriors Worldwide, PETA and same-sex law reform in Australia. The duo hasn’t stopped there – their reality show, Jess and Lisa: The Veronicas, is set to air later this year.

8. Kat Dahlia

Known for her sharp and honest lyrics, Dahlia rose in the music industry with her cross of rap and pop styles. After self-financing her first EP, Dahlia signed with the new label Vested in Culture in 2012. Her first single with the label, Gangsta, reached the charts under five different categories, sending her into the storm of the industry. Take a listen to my personal favorite, I Think I’m In Love, to hear her intense beats and fierce style. 

Finding yourself in music can be an amazing journey and with the help of these eight powerful female artists, especially when they cam make you feel like the world is in your hands! Check them out, or don’t, but have a great school year and don’t get too lost in academics that you lose yourself. Maybe this set of artists will make the start of the semester at least slightly better.

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Sydney is currently a Freshman at the University of Iowa, double-majoring in Journalism and Psychology.
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