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8 Products Makeup Lovers Need Now

I have always loved makeup, but it took me forever to do it right. After testing new products and watching a million Jaclyn Hill tutorials later, I have finally figured out when my makeup looks best and how to make it look that way everyday. Although it’s also how you apply it, putting on makeup is ALL about the product and how it works with your skin. Here are some of my favorite makeup products that you need to try!

1. Shape Tape – Tarte

This is my all-time favorite face product in the whole world. If you are one who is looking for high coverage, this concealer is for you. I first heard about this product through a YouTube video (not sure who), but I remember how she said it works with both oily and dry skin. I personally have dry skin, but a friend of mine has oily skin and this product works great for the both of us. Apply just a little under the eye, forehead and chin and blend into skin.

2. Shape Tape Matte Foundation – Tarte

Another tarte shape tape… but seriously, this stuff is amazing. I just got the shape tape matte foundation the other day and I am in love with it. Just like the concealer, this is a high intensity coverage foundation, but its guaranteed to make you look flawless. I chose the matte, but this can also be found in a hydrating formula. However, I have found that the matte doesn’t make you look too dry. Combining the shape tape concealer and foundation makes your face look perfect every time!

3. Kylie Lip Kit – Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie Lip Kits are my favorite lip sticks. Not only do they stay on great, but she has a huge variety of colors. Personally, I like the matte lip kits, but her velvets and glosses are not far behind. One thing that I’ve found with Kylie’s lip kits is that if you buy the single matte gloss, they are only $17 dollars. Most matte lipsticks are about $20 dollars, which makes Kylie’s a pretty good deal. In turn, these can be pretty dry lipsticks. I recommend putting a little lotion on your lips before applying the lipstick just so it still looks hydrating on your lips.

4.  Fine Line Micro Thin Felt Liner – Sephora Stylographic

I have been using this liquid liner for about five years now and I can honestly say I will never use anything else. It’s very similar to Maybelline’s liquid liner, but the brush is so small and precise, its guaranteed to give you that flawless wing that you’ve always wanted. In turn, it is $14 dollars, which is a little expensive for eyeliner, but I promise, it’s worth the cost!

5. Dip Brow Pomade – Anastasia Beverly Hills

I had always bought pencils for my brows, but would run out of them so fast. Although they were a little easier to work with, I found that I really get my money worth with the brow pomade from Anastasia Beverly Hills. This brush on brow look will only cost you $18 dollars per jar, and mine has lasted me a little over a year. Make sure you don’t go too dark when picking this out though, it is very high pigmented!

6. Complexion Goals Brush Set – Morphe

Brushes aren’t a big deal to me because they are so expensive, but I’ll make an exception for Morphe. Morphe makes the best brushes for super cheap. One ‘it cosmetics’ brush can cost you up to $40 dollars. I purchased the Complexion Goals Brush Set for only $25 dollars for five brushes. This includes a fan brush (highlight), two oval shaped brushes (one big one small), one flat top round brush (foundation) and one tilted angle brush (contour and blush). The quality on these brushes are great and you really get the most for your money. Ulta sells Morphe, but not Sephora!

7. Translucent Powder – Kat Von D

I used a lot of colored powder in the past, but I’ve switched almost fully to translucent powder. I must admit, I have yet to try a different translucent powder besides Kat Von D’s. However, it does work really well with my skin. You can apply this to bake in your makeup or even just set your under eyes after the shape tape.

8. Beauty Blender (Highlight and Contour) – Morphe

I used to only use brushes to blend everything until my girl Jaclyn Hill told me that when you apply makeup with a brush, you’re only pushing it around your skin compared to a beauty blender which you’re pressing it in. I got the highlight and contour beauty blender because it has a pointy side to it and two flat sides. This really helps you get into those divots in your face and really blend out your makeup. I use this beauty blender when applying shape tape concealer and foundation, however, I know you can also use it for highlight and applying translucent powder as well.

These are just a few suggestions (but really get the shape tape) for you to try next time you go to Sephora or Ulta. Keep in mind the way your skin works and ask a worker what will work best for your skin and pick the best option for you! If you’re looking for any of these products, they are linked below in the photo section!

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My name is Claudia Jannes, and I am a junior at the University of Iowa! I am a English and creative writing major in hopes to become a high school English teacher. I am thankful for her campus for giving me a voice on campus and on the internet!
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