7 Spring Cleaning Playlists to Get You Pumped

It's that time of year again where you feel the need for a change. One way to make a change but to not do anything permanent is to spring clean. As the weather gets warmer, it'll help you feel more open and less stuffy, and you'll be in a better mood because of how tidy your space is. Of course, it can be hard to get yourself motivated to deep clean, but these playlists will make you feel like getting up and being productive. 

Indie Sunshine

Even though this is technically a workout playlist, it will still get you pumped up to get on your feet and move (and clean, of course!). This playlist is filled with artists like The 1975, The Griswolds, BORNS, Passion Pit, and more, so if you're looking to expand your music selection while also cleaning your house, this is the playlist for you. 

Songs to Sing in the Car

Who doesn't love to jam to their favorite songs? This playlist will give you the opportunity to take mini breaks throughout your cleaning process so you can belt out your favorite songs. I'd recommend getting a friend (who doesn't mind helping you clean) and using them as your duet partner throughout it. There's a good mix of current pop music and throwbacks, which makes this playlist even more fun.


This is another indie music playlist (is my music bias showing?) that's more dance-focused, with tons of upbeat tunes that will make you want to dance while you're Swiffering your kitchen floor. This is also one of the longer playlists in this list, so you can put this on for a few hours and not have to stop cleaning to switch over to another playlist. 

Happy Hits!

If the thought of cleaning makes you want to curl up in your bed and procrastinate until the end of time, this is the playlist for you. The songs on this playlist are super popular and have those magical melodies that make you happy as soon as you hear the song begin to play. It'll keep you going even when you want to stop, because who can be sad when this playlist is on?

Feel-Good Indie Rock

In all honesty, this is a playlist I've been using since my sophomore year of college to keep me motivated and pumped when I have to clean. I can't help but smile when I'm listening to this playlist, which makes it a good thing to listen to when I'm cleaning. Also, the tunes will make you want to dance and move around, which is super helpful when you're tidying up. 

Hit Rewind

I mean, come on, Miley Cyrus' "Party In The U.S.A." is on this playlist, how could you not love it? This playlist is filled with songs from the past few years that topped the charts, so it's another throwback jam sesh that'll have you smiling the whole time. You might not even realize you're cleaning while it's playing.

Cleaning House on Saturdays in the 70's

Okay, so the title of this playlist is very specific, but it's such a great collection of classic songs that I couldn't help but include it in this list. The creator of the playlist says that these were the songs their family would listen to in the 1970's when they had to clean their home on Saturdays. 

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