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7 Playlists To Get You Through The Rest Of The School Year

Music can get you through everything, in my opinion. And with the end of the semester rapidly approaching, Spotify is going to get you through everything the next few weeks throws at you. These seven playlists will help you power through all of it. 

1. For when you realize it’s time to start working on your summer body

When you’re frantically running on the treadmill this week, give this playlist a listen to keep you upbeat and also give you those ~ summer vibes ~. 

2. For when you’re doing the bare minimum getting ready in the morning

Even though you want to look good on campus, sometimes it’s just too much effort to even put on a pair of jeans at this point in the semester. 

3. For when you’re celebrating the end of the year with your friends

Kick off the summer right with all your friends for a super fun night out. Check out this playlist for your pregame or even while you’re getting dressed. 

4. For when you’ve been up for a ridiculous number of hours but still need to get your homework done

As fun as it is to think about your summer plans, there’s still plenty to do before then, and this playlist can help you through those late-nighters. 

5. For when you finally get to go outside and enjoy the nice weather

Even though you have so much to do, a quick nap on the Pentacrest won’t hurt you. Fall asleep or relax to this playlist about spring. 

6. For when you’re sitting in a coffee shop pretending to be productive

Go ahead, take a cute picture of your cappuccino and laptop to post on your Insta story, and then spend 20 minutes scrolling through your feed. We’ve all been there. 

7. For when you’re cleaning and packing up your apartment

Everybody knows cleaning is more fun if you’re listening to music. 

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Rachel Green is a senior Journalism and Mass Communication Major at the University of Iowa. She is also earning two minors in Sport and Recreation Management and Spanish and a certificate in Creative Writing. She serves at Her Campus Iowa's Senior Editor, and is a member of Iowa's editorial team. When she's not working on something for Her Campus, she can be found studying in the library, doodling in her sketchbooks or curling up with a cup of tea and a book.  
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