7 Necessary Things for Finals Week

Finals week is upon us. As you're getting ready to live at the library for the next week (only leaving to buy a coffee or take an exam), it's important ot make sure you're prepared. Use this list to check off what you need:

1. A blanket

A blanket can be used for a lot of things. Whether the only table open is to close to the door to the outside, you like to be comfy while you study or you're planning on taking a quick power nap, your blanket is there for you.

2. Snacks

I'm partial to chips and salsa while I'm studying, but go for whatever flavors are your favorite, and try to add some healthy food into the mix. It's easy to eat junk food while you're stressing out, but it's important to feed your brain, too. 

3. Slippers

Slippers go hand-in-hand with a blanket (or should I say "foot-in-foot"?) and add to the comfort you'll have while studying. It might be hard to wear slippers if you have to walk to campus in the cold, but sticking a comfy pair into your backpack will help you stress less while you study.

4. Gum

There have been plenty of studies that have shown chewing gum while studying and then chewing the same flavor during an exam will help you remember information more easily. It's also a great way to concentrate. If you're not a fan of chewing gum, mints are a great alternative!

5. Water bottle

It's essential to stay hydrated all the time, but it's especially important when you're under a lot of stress and may not be sleeping or eating on a regular schedule. 

6. Hand sanitizer

Due to all of the stress finals gives you, your immune system may not be at its strongest. But, you definitely don't want to be getting sick during finals week or over winter break, so make sure to keep your hands clean. 

7. Coffee

All hail caffeine! Coffee is there for you during all-nighters and when you have to wake up for a 7:30 a.m. final and it keeps you motivated while you're trying to get through hour 4 of studying. 

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