7 of the Best Dr. Phil Guests

Recently my roommates and I have been very into watching the hit show Dr. Phil and we get super excited when we find out about a new guest that will be on. Sometimes watching these clips can make us laugh and take the stress of school away for a little bit. Here are 7 of the best guests that will make your day!

1. Cash Me Outside

In possibly the most popular episode of Dr. Phil and a meme that still lives on, Dr. Phil had a young woman named Danielle Bregoli on the show. She was on because she had been troubling her mother and had several run-ins with the law. She infamously told the audience to “Catch me outside, how about that?” when they laughed at her. She has since become more internet famous and now is even attempting to have a rapping career.

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2. Sexy Vegan

This is by far my favorite episode because it is so random and outrageous. This situation began when a family was worried about their son, who was a normal twenty-something-year-old when he suddenly went through some dramatic changes after moving to California. He dyed his eyebrows and hair blue, began doing public performances and legally changed his name to “Sexy Vegan”. He also has some beautiful face tattoos and overall a hilarious personality.

Watch here.

3. Girl ashamed of her race

This one is an episode that you watch and your jaw is on the floor the entire time. This young black woman claims to have extremely racists views towards black people and after moving to a black majority community began saying racists slurs as well as stereotypes about the black community, regardless of the fact that she is black. When her mom confronted her, she claimed that she did not care and that she had the KKK on speed dial. This episode is crazy to watch and even shocked Dr. Phil.

Watch here.

4. I am pregnant with Jesus

Haley is my favorite Dr. Phil guest because not only does she believe that she is pregnant with Jesus, but she thinks that rapper Eminem is her father. She claims that she can feel the baby moving around in her stomach and that the baby is the reason she has gained weight. Even after getting an ultrasound that showed an empty uterus, she still claimed that people would believe her once she gave birth. She also told the audience that her dad was Eminem because he has a daughter named Hailey and she never met her father. Her mom fervently denied this and her family is aware of how crazy Haley's claims are.

Watch here.

5. Jilly Juice

The Jilly Juice episode is about a woman who claimed that she had a special drink that can help women lose weight as well as cure any illness. She also claimed that it can help you 'grow back certain ligaments'. Many women who drank this juice ended up having extreme side effects and some were even hospitalized for what the juice did to them.

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6. 3-year pregnancy

In this episode, a woman claimed that she was pregnant with six children at the same time and that the reasons why no ultrasounds could find the heartbeats is because the children were in her ‘other uterus’. She also claimed that the pregnancy had lasted three years and six months and that she can hear the heartbeats from a machine she bought on the internet. After being on the show and the staff concluding that she was definitely not pregnant, she still argued that she was and that the results were lies.

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7. Teacher slept with student

In this episode, a teacher was attempting to sue her student for sleeping with her, an action that resulted in her termination. The episode is funny because the young man is very proud of his ‘accomplishment’ and the teacher was the one who initiated the activity, causing the audience to have no sympathy for her.

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