6 Things People Say During A Midwest Winter

Ah, another cold Midwest winter. No matter how long you’ve been living in the Midwest--whether it’s been your whole life or just for the past few years--you never truly get used to it. Each winter is different, but people will always say the same things about it.

1. “OMG it’s so cold/windy/etc.”

When the weather gets down to single digits or negative temperatures, pretty much every conversation starts with, “It’s freezing outside,” or something similar. How many times have you had a friend sit down next to you in class and say that as they take their coat off, only for you to respond, “Oh my gosh, I know right?” No matter how obvious the cold is, people will still talk about it.

2. “It feels like colder because of the wind chill.”

Even though you may get excited that your weather app says it’s going to be 25 degrees instead of 10 degrees, you have to prepare yourself to be disappointed when you scroll down to look at the wind chill. Even though it’s 25 degrees out, it can feel like anywhere from 15 degrees to zero degrees once you’re outside.

3. “My face hurts.”

With the wind constantly blowing more cold air into your face, there’s no way to get around campus without your face feeling some degree of pain. If you’re someone who has to walk to campus from your apartment, you better own a very warm scarf and coat.

4. “Do you think they’ll cancel class?”

You would think that with the threat of frostbite looming over everybody’s heads that professors would be more willing to cancel class to keep you safe. However, that is very rarely the case. No matter how much you hope for it and refresh your university email, you’ll probably still have to go outside and suffer at some point.

5. “It’s too cold out.”

This is a valid excuse for pretty much anything, whether it’s running to get groceries or going out. Who really wants to leave the warmth of a fuzzy blanket for the harsh weather outside your apartment?

6. “Is it getting warm again?”

This phrase is usually said once the temperature hits above 30 degrees again, and you feel like you don’t have to wear your puffy parka every time you step out of your front door. Every season in the Midwest has fluctuating temperatures, and winter is no exception. Enjoy the "warm" weather while you can, though, because it's bound to get cold again soon.

Get bundled up, collegiettes, and stay warm for the rest of the winter!

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