6 Easy Ways to Make Your Home Spookier

It’s almost Halloween which means there’s only a few weeks left to decorate. I have 6 easy and fun ways to decorate your home.

  1. 1. Poison Bottle

    Poison Bottle

    Take any used bottle, and turn it into a poison or potion bottle. This gives you the chance to be creative, recycle and make your home feel more like halloween. All you need is an old bottle of any kind, paint and a marker. Paint and decorate your bottle until it feels spooky. If you don’t have the materials already at your home, it will cost about $3.

  2. 2. Monster Soap

    Monster Soap

    Paint a bottle of soap to look like a monster. I made mine into a simple green monster because my nephew requested it, but you can turn yours into anything. Vampires, zombies and more are not off limits. The supplies needed are paint and googly eyes, which cost around $4.

  3. 3. Stamp Doormat

    Halloween Doormat

    My personal favorite is the halloween doormat. All that’s needed is a doormat, a stencil of something halloween-like, and acrylic paint or spray paint. I found packs of stencils at Target for just $1. I tried to do this one, but ran out of spray paint, so I decided to attach the photo that inspired this idea for me. 

  4. 4. Blood Splattered Pumpkin

    Splatted Pumpkin

    I thought this craft was the most fun to make, personally. Take a pumpkin and flick red paint on it until it looks good to you. The idea is the paint will look like blood splattered on. This makes any pumpkin much spookier. The pumpkin and paint together cost about $5. 

  5. 5. An 'All Eyes on You' Tin Can

    Monster Tin Can

    Turning a boring pen holder into a festive halloween decoration is so easy. All I did was cover my tin can in googly eyes. To make this, you’ll just need a bag of $2.50 eyes.

  6. 6. Spooky Vase

    Halloween Vase

    Arguably the easiest thing on my list is replacing your flower vases with something spookier. I chose to get $.99 halloween buckets from Goodwill, and put my plants in them instead of a vase. You could also paint a vase to be more festive, if you’re feeling creative.

In less than 20 minutes, and for less than $20 you can make your living area spookier. Feel free to be as creative as you want, and add on to any of my ideas.