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5 Ways To Find Love This Valentine’s Day

Oh, it’s February, and we all know what that means: Valentine’s day, which means roses, teddy bears, flowers and chocolates. Some people love it, while others would rather throw up at all the mush that the holiday brings. But the true reason for the season is supposed to be so much more, it is supposed to be about love.

So how do we find it for ourselves? We don’t have to be in a relationship to enjoy all of the amazing experiences that love has to offer. Love can come from all kinds of relationships, not just romantic ones, so let’s venture into what kind of love you can find this Valentine’s Day.

1. The love of friendship

Friendships can last a lifetime, and what better day of the year to enjoy friendship than the love of true friends on Valentine’s. Go get your favorite chick flick or Disney classic and hangout with face masks and eat Dove candy. It will be a lovely time.

2. The love of family

You know what they say, family is forever, so find someone in your family you trust most, and make the day about them. Maybe it’s your mom who needs a little extra appreciation, or your brother who you haven’t seen or visited in months. Make this holiday a chance to express your love, get them a gift or just call them when they least expect it, you’ll feel the love for sure.

3. The love of pets

You know what is sometimes better than even family, your other family, aka your pets! Take the time this Valentine’s Day to spoil your pet dog or cat, or whatever you have at home this holiday and give back the love. Maybe they get a new collar or maybe just an extra treat while you cuddle on the couch, but there is no love quite like the love of a pet, so pay it forward!


4. The love of food

Who says Valentine’s Day has to involve another person? Candy is of top priority on this holiday, so might as well treat yourself on this day. Maybe you get your favorite chocolate or treat yourself to a nice meal solo. Whatever it is you decide, be a foodie and let yourself fall in love with food because let’s face it, food almost never lets you down.

5. The love of self

Do something for you today, give yourself some much needed self-love. Be that a massage or a bubble bath, it is okay to take some time to decompress. Use this holiday as the perfect excuse to get your self-care on!

At the end of the day, Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love, so whether you have a romantic partner or not, don’t let the holiday slow you down; show some love and get some love, let the love spread around. It will make the world a better place.

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