5 Types of Friends and Why They're Great in Their Own Ways

Whether you have a small group of close friends or a large range of pals, most can be fit into positive stereotypes based on who they are and what they bring to the friendship. While not everyone fits into a specific set of characteristics and others may overlap, being a great friend is all that truly matters at the end of the day. With that being said, define yourself or don’t, it doesn’t make a difference if the people you surround yourself with enjoy your presence. 

The Wild Friend

If you don’t have that friend that is consistently at 110%, you’re doing it wrong. Even on a sick, gloomy day, these people are still bouncing off walls, blaring music and constantly on the move. Waiting for the next adventure (even if that’s a five minute drive to the closest McDonald's), these are some of the best people to keep around. Not only are they always ready to do something fun (so you never have to walk around Target by yourself), but they also can bring the mood up in any room. Whether you’re having a bad day or the general mood in the group is down, these incredibly hyper friends can almost instantly raise the energy to a 10.

The Work Friend

You met them through a job, they became the only person you can tolerate at work and eventually you’re more than employees who sit in the back of the department store waiting for the next customer. Soon enough, you’re going out to the movies with a group and harassing your own workplace off the clock. Not only did you gain an unexpected friend, but work becomes more fun!

The Brutally Honest Friend

Yes, this may seem like a bad thing to have in some situations, however, sometimes a really honest opinion is what we all really need. Whether you're discussing important life decisions or wondering that shirt that you pulled out of the back of your closet is cute, their honesty will lead you to make the right decisions. Another great pro about this type of friend is that they show you parts of a decision that you may have not have thought about before.

The Childhood Friend

Having someone throughout your life that has seen literally every high and every low is typically someone that has your best interest in mind. These are the friends that share the embarrassing memories from third grade and the one that wants to re-create those summer days you used to experience together. Not only are these kinds of friends typically very loyal, but they also give good insight when a problem arises, especially considering that they probably remember similar situations that have gone wrong in the past.

The Best Friend

This is the friend that you see practically every day, FaceTime on days that you’re apart and basically live with most of the year. Who else would you spend hours on the couch watching reality TV with? Without these friends your messages would be uninteresting, your weekends would be boring and your closet would be full (because if you don’t steal each other’s clothes are you really best friends?). This also likely happens to be the one person that is basically your twin.

While there are definitely more than five types of friends to have, many can fit into these categories. Others may have their own unique aspects that make them who they are in your friendship, making it that much more special. Enjoy your friendships while they are still young. Things change over time and you'll never get these moments again, so make memories, laugh at the embarrassing moments and appreciate each other while there's still time.

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