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5 Things You Can’t Forget To Pack This Spring Break

Good news, collegiettes: spring break is less than one week away! The week before break is always one of the craziest of the semester. Between studying for midterms, finishing assignments and shopping, tanning or working out for spring break, you haven’t even begun to give yourself enough time to pack all of the essentials for your trip. If you’re going somewhere tropical and warm this year, we’ve got you covered. After learning lessons from last year’s trip, here’s a few tips on the five things you cannot forget to pack for this year’s spring break.

1. Passport/license/flight information. This may seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised at how many people forget to bring these essentials when they leave the house for their flight. 


2. Cash. Even though technology has increased dramatically, a lot of countries abroad don’t accept major credit cards for purchases. It’s important to bring just enough cash, but not too much to where it can become dangerous and make you uncomfortable. Figure out what the perfect money value for your trip is and pack accordingly.


3. Sunscreen/Chapstick with SPF. Again, no brainer? Definitely not. You’re never overpacking when it comes to sunscreen. The sun rays are much stronger the more south you travel, and you’d hate to be a fried lobster your whole break. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen or chapstick with SPF to your lips. My friends and I made this mistake last year when visiting Punta Cana, and we heavily regretted it on day two when we woke up with blisters!


4. Sunglasses, a bathing suit and beach towel. It’s important to protect your skin AND your eyes from the sun, and you can’t forget your swimsuit! If you have extra room, pack a personal beach towel. Although many hotels provide towels for free, some hotels only give you one beach towel for the week and require you to pay a fee if you lose it.

5. Medicine. Even though it’s a week of relaxation and freedom, we’re still human. Advil, tums, allergy medicine, birth control, tylenol. Whatever you need to make your trip fully enjoyable, pack it!


Other notable items include: disposable/waterproof camera, chargers, aloe vera, ductape.


After checking off the items on this list and finishing up this gruesome week at school, you’re finally free and ready for spring break. Whether you’re going on a warm trip or hanging out at home, we hope you have a terrific week off school. Especially you, seniors!

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