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5 Things to Say Goodbye to in Iowa City Before the Semester Ends

Finals weeks is the only obstacle us Hawkeyes have in front of us before summer break starts. For those of us not staying in Iowa City for the summer, it will be nice to be home with our families and to have a break from school, but you are going to miss Iowa while you are away for a few months. This city drew us all in with its beauty and its people, and it is hard to leave something like that for so long. Make sure you stop by these iconic Iowa City places to say good-bye for the summer.

1. Downtown Iowa City

There is nothing like Downtown Iowa City, whether you are grabbing some coffee at Java in the morning or getting Panchero’s late at night. 

2. The Pentacrest and the Old Capitol

No doubt you have spent some time studying or taking a nap on the green grass on the Pentacrest, and who could forget that iconic gold dome on the Old Cap? It is Iowa City at its finest.

3. Kinnick Stadium and Carver-Hawkeye Arena

Iowa is known for its sports, and who doesn’t love going to a football or basketball game? Sports are such a large part of Hawkeye life that it would be impossible to forget about these two places.

4. Your favorite restaurants

We all have our go-to places to grab food, so make sure to say goodbye to one of the places that has supported you all year round.

5. Your residence hall or apartment

It might not be your favorite place, but it was still home for a year or two. You have made memories to last a lifetime here.


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Rachel Green is a senior Journalism and Mass Communication Major at the University of Iowa. She is also earning two minors in Sport and Recreation Management and Spanish and a certificate in Creative Writing. She serves at Her Campus Iowa's Senior Editor, and is a member of Iowa's editorial team. When she's not working on something for Her Campus, she can be found studying in the library, doodling in her sketchbooks or curling up with a cup of tea and a book.  
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