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5 Shows You Should Be Binge-Watching This Fall

I show my love for fall in many ways, whether it is by drinking my annual two or three pumpkin spice lattes in September even though I’m not the biggest fan to breaking out my fall wardrobe of sweaters and boots as soon as the thermometer reads 70 degrees. There are many other ways that I could express my love for fall, but one of the best is pretending that I have enough time to sit down under twenty blankets and watch season after season of shows on Netflix or Hulu. There is something about the weather getting cooler that amps up my already abundant love for tv shows, and I thought I should share my fall binge watching faves with the amazing readers of Her Campus.

1. The Vampire Diaries

Let me preface by saying that this fall I have been having a throwback phase where I have been watching shows that I have already watched in order to get into the Halloween spirit. I started out with watching the first few seasons of The Vampire Diaries. If you haven’t heard of it, this show it is about two vampire brothers who meet a normal girl and her friends. This show gets intense really fast and incorporates vampires, witches and werewolves, so it is perfect for Halloween.

2. Supernatural

This is the other throwback show that I have been watching. I have seen the first few seasons way back in the day (freshman year of high school lol), and again, I really wanted to watch something kind of scary to get in the mood for Halloween and fall, and now I have become re-obsessed with it. This show is about two brothers on a mission to find their father while investigating paranormal activity all over the country. 

3. The Good Place

Another wonderful thing about fall is that a lot of my favorite shows start airing new episodes, and my all time favorite comedy show is The Good Place. This show stars Kristen Bell and is about how she ends up in “the good place” — AKA heaven — when she is actually an awful person. I don’t want to give anything else away, so you have to take my word for it and just give it a chance. 

4. Gilmore Girls

This adorable show is about a mother and her daughter who navigate life together in their small town in Connecticut. This show just makes me so happy and is perfect if I want something low key to watch while doing homework or something. Also, this show is what got me through last semester because it was a great outlet to get my mind off of everything when I was stressed out. 

5. The Bold Type

If you only check out one show on my list, this needs to be the one. The Bold Type is about three women working at a magazine similar to Cosmopolitan. Each episode tackles an issue, whether it is women’s health, reproductive rights, immigration and more. I think all college-aged girls NEED to see this show because it is so empowering. You can find the whole first season on Hulu, and they just got approved for to more seasons so stay tuned!


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