5 Romantic Novels That Aren't by Nicholas Sparks

Whenever we think of a romantic novel, the name that pops up in everyone’s mind is Nicholas Sparks. I mean, who doesn't still cry while watching The Notebook? No doubt Nicholas Sparks is one of the best romantic novelists, but there are some amazing writers out there with some incredible work! If you're a fan of romance novels and want to venture out from Nicholas Sparks, then add these five to your must-read list! 

1. Because of Miss Bridgerton

Written by the historical romance author, Julia Quinn, is a novel about a girl named Billie Bridgerton and how she is expected to marry one of the Rokesby boys who has been their neighbors for years. The story revolves around how she hates one of the brothers and ends up kissing him as an adult and how he becomes the person that she cannot live without.

2. Dark Lover

This novel is a vampire love story by J.R.Ward and is one of the classics- much darker than that of Twilight. It is a story about the last purebred vampire left on earth who is determined to take revenge with the slayers who murdered his parents. It is a novel full of suspense and thrill. You will be on the edge of your chair the entire time while reading this masterpiece. To know more you will have to read the novel and to experience the real thrill! 

3. The Hating Game

Written by Sally Throne, this story is about two co-workers Lucy Hutton and Joshua Templeman and their bitter rivalry over the same promotion position. They are stuck in the same office for hours every day and that has led them to become rivals. Lucy can not let Joshua win at anything, and when it comes to the new promotion, she is as motivated as ever to win this competition. If she wins she will be his new boss, otherwise she resigns. But why is she suddenly having these steamy dreams about Joshua!? You probably know what happens next!

4. Unmarriageable

It is said to be as the retelling of Pride and Prejudice in modern-day Pakistan. Written by Soniah Kamal, this story is about the Binat family and how a rumor puts them in worry about the marriage prospects of their daughters. One of the daughters falls in love with literature and another with an entrepreneur.


5. My Favorite Half-Night Stand

Author Christina Lauren has come up with a hilarious and fun book! This novel tells the story of five friends to join an online dating site to find the other half for an upcoming event. There is a whole lot of fun and drama when the friends start to bump into the people they may or may not be involved with! 


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