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5 Perks of Having a Guy Best Friend

I completely understand that having the most badass girl gang is entirely necessary. We all know that boys can be confusing, annoying and sometimes just downright rude, but not all of them are. Some things that you get from your girlfriends you simply just can’t get from the male population and that’s a known fact. However, the list of perks that come from having that relationship with a guy is a whole new world. They have different perspectives, new forms of fun, and when you find the right one, they won’t let you down. I found mine over six years ago, and I haven’t taken him for granted even for one day. The list of glories is probably endless, but I’ve compiled only the best of the best

1. A New Perspective

Men have always been a mystery to women and that probably isn’t changing anytime soon, but when you have one by your side, you get a better understanding. Just like the perfect girl gang, they tend to be great listeners, but unlike your best girlfriends, they hold a completely different perspective. They know what goes through the minds of the general boy, so hearing what they have to say about certain problems can definitely come in handy.

2. They Won’t Steal Your Clothes

I’ve never had a sister, so the closest I know is when my friends and I borrow each other’s outfits. While it’s never been a problem before, there’s no chance that a guy best friend would ever want to borrow any cute crop top out of your closet.

3. Different Activities

Getting all dressed up with your girls has never not been a blast, but sometimes change is a good thing! For the girls who love getting down and dirty, a guy best friend is the best one to turn to. The majority of males in today’s society have no problem playing rough, so outdoor activities, sporting events and even video games tend to be their go to. This is perfect if you want something new to spend time doing and you might even learn a thing or two.

4. A Shoulder to Cry on

Yes, I know, everyone has a shoulder, but not everyone has one quite like your guy BFF!

5. They Don’t Understand, but They Try To

Being a woman in the 21st century is always terrifying, and while they don’t understand what it’s like, they surely try their hardest. I’ve called my boy one or two too many times in situations where I didn’t feel comfortable. Never once has he let me down when it comes to problems involving people of his gender. He is always looking out for me, ready to pick me up when I need a ride or ready to call a boy out for his wrongdoing.

When it comes down to it, a great girl gang is a necessity, but a guy best friend makes life a little more interesting. Nine times out of ten you can’t go wrong with a go-to guy and that’s the tea!

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Sydney is currently a Freshman at the University of Iowa, double-majoring in Journalism and Psychology.
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