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5 Fashion & Lifestyle Bloggers to Inspire You

Bloggers and blogger hopefuls of Her Campus, if you’re in an inspiration rut and are in search of your next blog to obsess over, look no further than right here. I’ve compiled a list of some of the best fashion, lifestyle and travel bloggers for any collegiette to draw inspiration from. Whether you’re in search of some new, exciting place to travel, some serious OOTD goals or just a simple lifestyle chat, this list of bloggers is perfect for digging you out of your inspiration rut. So get to it and start blog-stalking! 

1. The Londoner

I’ve been a fan of The Londoner since my early years of high school. Rosie, the writer behind the successful blog, has created a perfectly balanced website of fashion, travel and lifestyle posts. If you’re a collegiate looking to study abroad, look no further than this blog to pull travel inspiration (and serious hair goals) from.

2. Something Navy

My best friend introduced me to Something Navy in high school as well. Written by Arielle Charnas, who was recently featured a L’oReal hair product commercial and can be found on the sidelines of the best fashion shows during Fashion Week, started off her blog as a way to share her everyday outfits with her family and friends. Now, her blog is uber-successful and has landed her numerous opportunities in the fashion world, showing that even the smallest start can lead to big things in the future.

3. Hello Fashion Blog

This is a blog I recently happened upon but have fallen in love with. Not only does Christine Andrew, creator of the blog, show off her incredibly stylish and usually pretty practical outfits, but she even includes a tab for her husband’s fashion. This is a little bonus I have found extremely beneficial when in need of a little fashion inspiration for my boyfriend’s wardrobe, so I highly recommend this blog as a place for both you and your guy to get inspiration from.

4. Amy Believes in Pink

Again, I only recently found out about Amy Believes in Pink, but this site is absolutely adorable. Unlike the other bloggers listed, this blog is from the perspective of a current college student with a passion for fashion and all the little things in between. Not to mention, she is also a sorority woman with a great leadership perspective, a perfect role model of the young collegiate in search of some inspiration.

5. Somewhere, Lately

I chose this blog for this post for a very specific reason… one of its two founders, Meggan in particular, graduated from the University of Iowa (Go Hawks)! If it isn’t already obvious, Somewhere, Lately is the perfect blog to showcase the talents of an Iowa alum-turned-blogger. If you’re feeling like the University of Iowa isn’t the place for a fashion blogger, take a moment to dive into this blog and explore the world of fashion from the lense of an Iowa alum herself. The University of Iowa if the perfect place to express oneself and start a path towards your dream life. Just take a look at Meggan, for example; she looks like she’s livin’ it!

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