4 Ways to Celebrate NYE Without a Significant Other

*Cue "Single Ladies" by Beyonce*

The stigma surrounding women during New Years is not only degrading and stereotypical but also plain annoying. Spend New Year's Eve on the couch at home with your boyfriend watching the festivities on television and people call you a bore. Spend it in the back of a poorly lit frat party making out with a stranger, when the person standing a foot away from you is practically inaudible, and you're what they coin as a 'very friendly person'. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with either scenario, the key to not dropping the ball leading into the new year, lies with how you spend the night and for the ladies that don't have a man to hold on to, there's plenty of other ways to enjoy the bloom of 2019.

1. Stay in with the girls

There's nothing like sleepovers with all of the girls and when it comes to New Year's Eve, there's more than a handful of ways to make it a little more exciting. Putting on your best party clothes and dancing around the living room with the TV blaring your favorite live artists can only ever be a blast. Follow this up with many confusing-to-make cocktails and more Polaroid pictures than you can count and the night could only end in a way that was too much fun to forget. If you're anything like me, midnight margaritas are the perfect end to the night.

2. Go out with the girls

Maybe staying in is a little too much like every other weekend and that’s perfectly fine because having a reason to put on 5-inch heels, take way too many pictures for the ‘gram and wander out the door works great on New Year's Eve as well! Find a bar, club or just a party and have a good time! 

3. Go ice skating 

Never been ice skating? Try it on New Years for even more excitement! Find a rink that's open on New Year's Eve and spend the night skating around and listening to music. Remember to bundle up though cause the Iowa weather is brutal at night.

4. Hang out with the family 

Okay, this may sound ridiculously boring, but why not spend the start of 2019 with the people closest to you? Give the fam some credit, you might more fun than you think.

Whatever you choose to do, don't waste the start of the new year worrying about things that are out of your control and absolutely don't spend any time wishing you had someone specific to spend it with, it's not worth it. Have fun and cherish all of the memories that you have the opportunity to make. 

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