4 Reasons You Should Join Her Campus Iowa

As school starts, it's time to start looking for new organizations to get involved in, and Her Campus Iowa is looking for new members! If you love to write, take photos, or use social media, there are many reasons to join Her Campus Iowa and get busy with the organization. 

1. There's something for everyone

Members of Her Campus are lucky to have the opportunity to expand many of their talents. There are so many different teams that you can join to hone in on your skills, whether you like to create  social media posts or write articles. 

2. Networking opportunities

Her Campus allows for many networking opportunities, from events in Iowa City to Her Conference in New York City every summer. While you're working on different projects for Her Campus, you will be able to meet with inspirational community members and even the founders of Her Campus. 

3. Build a portfolio

As you are writing articles, planning marketing campaigns, and taking photos, you're not only working to meet your deadline, but you're also working for your future. Everything that you do for Her Campus can be used to get internships and jobs. 

4. Create lifelong friendships

Somewhere along the way, Her Campus at Iowa members become friends. Whether it's at monthly meetings or bonding events, your team members become more than just acquaintances; they become your friends. 


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