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Now, as the semester is approaching winter break, it means we are all up to our necks with studying for midterms and finals! To keep yourself motivated, one needs a study space that is not only personalized but also place that you are excited to come back to.

So here are four MUST-HAVES at your study space:

1. Light up your life

Who knew that lighting had such an effect on overall productivity and performance? To overcome this, one should have bright and proper lighting at their study space so that it keeps you active, motivated and does not put too much strain on your eyes while you study.

There are some great study spots at the University of Iowa with great lighting like the Iowa Memorial Union. Many great off-campus spots are also here like Starbucks and the Java House in downtown if you like to be around people while studying.

It is natural to get unmotivated during the winter season, University of Iowa’s Wellness center provides students with light therapy that helps a lot of students for studying.

2. Get organized

Organizing is key for a productive study session. All your materials should have a designated place, so it is easier to find whenever you sit down to study. Keeping files organized in your laptop is very efficient.

Keep a table or wall calendar near your study space so you do not miss out on important tasks for each day. And don’t be afraid to get crafty! There are so many amazing organization ideas that can be DIY’ed at home.


3. Appeal to your senses

It is very essential for you to create a space that is comfortable and makes it easy to concentrate. That can be done by hanging inspirational pictures, getting scented candles or diffusers that can create an environment for you to relax. 

Essential Oils that are known for their relaxing effects include Lavender, Lemon, Jasmine, and Bergamot. 

If you are in for a long study session, keeping snacks handy would also help you from getting distracted. 

4. Get comfy ladies

While studying, it is important to maintain the right posture and to be comfortable at the same time. While choosing furniture for your study space make sure that it is adjustable or has good back support.

If you plan on studying somewhere for long periods of time, make sure you assess the comfort level of the chair. We all know that feeling in your back after hours of taking notes, so do yourself a favor and take advantage of the comfy options around you.

Happy studying everyone!

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Ayushi is a Junior majoring in microbiology and working towards getting a certificate in creative writing. She likes to read and binge watch T.V. shows when she is not busy with school and student organizations!
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