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4 Iowa City Restaurants That Fit In Your College Budget

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say the worst part about college is the dorm food. I bet we’d all be more awake and enthusiastic about school if there wasn’t the thought of our next meal in the dining hall looming over us. But on a college budget, most of us have little choice. But for those days when you just can’t bring yourself to eat dorm food, here are a few affordable places in downtown IC to fill your tummy and hearrt.

Bread Garden

Bread Garden’s food bar is a great way to get some much needed fruits and vegetables into your diet. With a salad bar, soup bar, rotating meats, pastas and more, Bread Garden is the perfect choice for a balanced and far from monotonous meal. Even better, it’s pay-by-weight, which is awesome for the small eater who isn’t good at remembering to finish her leftovers the next day. And I haven’t even talked about their weekly deals yet! Monday-Friday you can get a different meal each day for only FIVE DOLLARS. Yeah, it’s real, and it’s damn good.

Mesa Pizza

This place has some truly cool slices. If you can put it on a pizza, they’ve done it. Macaroni, gyros, tortellini and french fries are just a few of the crazy toppings you’ll see here. Cheese or pepperoni slices are $3.50, and specialty slices are $4.00.


Since you can use the app Pocket Points to get a buy one get one free pasta bowl here, this is a great place to go if you’re bringing someone else with you. They have lots of amazing pasta options, and your food is always ready crazy fast. And most of the large bowls are only $5.99!

Which Wich

At Which Wich you dont have to go through the pain of putting the poor person behind the counter your picky and complicated order. Instead, you just grab a bag with all your options nicely laid out for you to go crazy with customization. So grab a bag, check your favorite options and get ready for a yummy and fast sandwich that you can eat on your way to class! For a stuffed seven inch sandwich, you’ll only lose six precious dollars.

Happy eating, collegiettes!

Maya Mahajan is a freshman studying philosophy at the University of Iowa. She is a senator in the University of Iowa Student Government, a member of Kappa Alpha Theta, a member of the Editorial Team for HerCampus at Iowa, and author of a blog, maya-ashley.com.
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