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Do you ever get tired of wearing the same style of outfit every day of the fall? The why not try one of these 3 outfit combos to spark some ideas in your new style. From sweaters and boots to dresses and tennis shoes I’ve got it all for you right here!

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Photo by Molly Champion from Pexels

Outfit #1

One classic and trendy look many people like to mix up in the fall is jeans and a sweater. There are so many ways to dress this up or down based on how you’re feeling, what’s in your closet and where you’re going. You can try ripped jeans, a nude sweater and some short black boots. Another way to kind of dress it up would be to try non ripped jeans, a black or white sweater, some tall black books and a nude or dark jacket overtop. Now there’s always one other way to dress up any outfit and that’s by adding heels, whether they’re black or nude or if you’re feeling bold try red! Any combination of this outfit looks so cute and can be comfortable. 

woman in white sweater and beige skirt in field
Photo by Flora Westbrook from Pexels

Outfit #2

Depending on your style this outfit might be one you want to try. Take a long nude or neutral colored skirt and a silmilar color or tone long sleeve shirt to pair it with. You could also pair this with a light sweater and it would look so amazing. Trying to keep the colors related to each other is always a good idea, whether it’s a nude with a white or a brown and a black. Try and keep your lights and darks paired together. You can dress this up with your choice of shoes, a classic slip on tennis shoe for a casual look and a short boot or heel will make it a little fancier.

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Original photo by Claire Brixie

Outfit #3

Finally for out last look this one comes in so many combos making it much easier for you to create something you’ll feel comfortable in. To keep it simple it’s a dress and a jacket or sweater. There are a few options for this being long or short dress and cardigan or jean jacket. In the end it comes back to what you’re comfortable in. I like a long dress with a longer cardigan and some type of slide on shoe, if it’s warm enough sandals. For something more casual try a shorter dress and a jean jacket or even a short cardigan. Short tennis shoes and short boots always pair well with any combo you decide to go with!

If you want to mix things up and add your favorite fall accessories like a hat or scarf go for it! Be sure to post your outfit combos and results on social media and tag @hercampusiowa we’d love to see what you come up with!  

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