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3 Fresh Fall Playlists

Fall is a time of change, and what better way to experience change than through fresh music? Whether you’re in the mood for newer songs of autumn, calming songs that match the atmosphere or that lovey-dovey snuggly blanket mood, you’ll be able to find something great you’ve never heard before.

when fall ~hits~

With hits from the growing ~rockstar~ Post Malone to the newly edgy Taylor Swift, this playlists contains fun pop songs you can get lit to. (And by lit I mean turning on the stove for a mean cup of hot cocoa.)

fall ~vibes~

I don’t know about you, but the onset of autumn always has me aching for the hum of an acoustic guitar. Chill songs are great for the newly chilly atmosphere. From folk trio The Lumineers to the commercial-famous Novo Amor, these songs will make you want to go outside and crunch in some leaves. Or stay inside, talking to no one and doing nothing. Fall is flexible, ya know?

~fall~ in love

Fortunate enough to have found someone to snuggle up with this semester? With ballads from our favorite ginger Ed Sheeran and where-is-he-now (like seriously, we need new music ASAP) Hozier, this playlist is a perfect collection of love songs that will have you blushing into your giant blanket scarf.

Which songs are new to you? Which do you like the best? Hope you enjoy these fall playlists (and as for the puns in the titles, hope you didn’t ~fall~ out of your chair from laughter).

Paige Netzel is a senior at the University of Iowa, studying English and Creative Writing with a Cinema minor. Coffee, creating playlists, and gratitude are essential to keeping her going. Check her out on Twitter for some hecka funny tweets or on Spotify for those dope playlists.
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