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16 Signs You’re The Weird Friend

We all know that every friend group has the usual individuals: the mom, the extrovert, the serial dater, the genius, among others. But we all know the best, most wonderful, supreme beings of all of the friends is the weird friend. Here are a list of things you might recognize in yourself if you identify as the weird friend.

1. You always get Phoebe when you take a quiz to determine which FRIENDS character you are.


2. Your friends are always screenshotting your Snapchats for the glory your face bestows on their eyeballs.

3. You love using words and phrases that make people uncomfy (i.e. “eyeballs,” “boat your float,” or “uncomfy”), even if it’s just you being you.

4. You screenshot your friends Snapchats just as frequently as they do because you know how to appreciate the gems.

5. You have a collection of t-shirts and stickers with witty quotes and obscure references to your favorite shows and movies.

6. You often communicate in unidentifiable sounds, or you easily break out into an accent.

7. You’ve probably eaten ice cream for breakfast or cereal for dinner on more than one occasion.

8. You LOVE Twitter. And emojis. And memes. And gifs. Maybe too much. Oh well. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


9. Your taste in music ranges from Disney classics to “Drizzy” Drake.

10. You say things like “Drizzy” Drake in normal, everyday conversation.

11. In the same vein, you started using “hip” phrases (i.e. “lit,” “slay”, “extra,” etc.) ironically until they became a part of your everyday language.

12. You’ll often whip out parkour or a funky dance move just while walking down the street with a friend.

13. Your friends always have great (although sometimes embarrassing) anecdotes about the silly and crazy things you’ve done.

14. You don’t need alcohol or sometimes caffeine to get a little goofy (you already are).

15. You more often than not embarrass your friends when out in public.

16. Even still, you constantly remind your friends how lucky they are to have you, often accompanied by ugly faces or a funny voice.

But let’s be honest, aren’t they so lucky to have us as besties?

Paige Netzel is a senior at the University of Iowa, studying English and Creative Writing with a Cinema minor. Coffee, creating playlists, and gratitude are essential to keeping her going. Check her out on Twitter for some hecka funny tweets or on Spotify for those dope playlists.
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