14 Relatable Moments If You Have Siblings

My memories with my siblings are some of the best things I have whenever I think about growing up, and I know many other people feel the same way. My relationships with my siblings doesn’t feel real at some points; one second, we’re at each other’s throats because someone ate the last cookie or someone stole the other’s shirt, and then the next second, I’m asking them if they want to come and get food with me.

For everyone who has siblings, be prepared to feel the urge to share this article with them (and sorry to all the only children out there!).

1. When your sibling told your parents about something you did

2. When your sibling got in trouble for something you did

3. When you were fighting with your sibling, hit them too hard, and now you have to fix the situation before your mom comes over

4. When your sibling ate the food you hid in the fridge

5. When your mom made you wear matching outfits for holidays

6. When your parents left the house and told your siblings that you were in charge

7. When your sibling got in trouble for something you did

8. When you and your sibling both called shotgun for a car ride

9. When your sibling starts being nice to you out of nowhere

10. When your mom tells you and your sibling to stop fighting, but then turns away for a second

11. When you make yourself some food and your sibling says that they're hungry, too

12. When your sibling borrows something of yours without asking

13. When you win an argument with your sibling

14. When people say you and your siblings look alike, but you don't see it

Point is, you can't live with them and can't live without them!

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