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11 Thoughts While Watching A Season Premiere Of ‘The Bachelor’

1. Okay, this guy seems genuine to start off with, but I’m still not convinced. He will be under my strict surveillance. 

2. There are some normal girls here, so that’s good…But I am also ready for the crazies. Bring on the crazies.

3. *girl uses the most inappropriate and cringeworthy pick-up line ever know to mankind* Ahhh, now I am entertained.

4. How do the producers choose these girls? They have to be searching for a few that have a knack for drama.

5.  She did not just share that on information on national television.

6. There’s no way he will give the First Impression Rose to that girl…she is going home the first night. 

7. Of course… he gave the rose to crazy girl.

8. This show is rigged.

9. Is it really the first night if someone doesn’t go in for the kiss?

10. Is it really the first night if someone doesn’t cry?

11. Why isn’t this show aired every night? I thrive off of the awkwardness and drama. 

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