11 Shows You Need To Start Watching Right Now

You can never have too many TV shows to watch. Just when you think you've found the best show ever, another one comes along and steals the spotlight. We've gathered a couple of shows that we think deserve to be on your watchlist. Keep reading to find out which shows we've picked out for you because we don't want you to miss out!


1. Riverdale

This show is based off of the iconic Archie Comics, which consists of playful characters and the adventures they experience through their high school life. The new kids on the block all have their dirty little secrets, and let’s jut say Riverdale isn’t the place you’d want to visit for a summer holiday. Not only does Riverdale take a dark turn, but it’s totally different from the comics. However, those of you who have grown up with these comics will notice quite a few differences in this new adaptation. Riverdale revolves around a popular high school student’s murder, as the main characters join forces to solve the mystery. However the investiagtion is dealt alongside their own personal secrets that never seem to disappear. Every episode will leave you questioning every character's actionsand every week you’ll be left with a cliff-hanger. One more thing that may want you to add this show to your list is that Cole Sprouse plays one of the main characters, Jughead Jones. For those of you who don't remember, Cole Sprouse played Cody on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. Once you start watching you’ll want more of Archie and the gang, but remember not to get attached to the characters. Anyone can be a suspect!  -Ridhima Jagtap

2. Quantico

Quantico is all about new trainees aspiring to be future FBI agents. But their lives become a little complicated when there’s an enemy within their group who poses a threat to the country. Our main character Alex Parrish, an agent in training, is shrewd and ready to take on any challeges that are thrown her way, but she's framed for a crime she did not commit. And so there's the mystery of who the real criminal is. This show is a rollercoaster ride. There are so many ups and downs, and just when you think you've figured out your suspect, there's another person to keep an eye on. The show's set in two different time periods, the past and the present, which makes it fun to follow because you're trying to fit the pieces together of what is going on. If you like shows with secrets, mystery, lies, affairs and a lot of drama then start watching!  -Ridhima Jagtap

3. How To Get Away With Murder 

Okay, if you haven't started this show, you need to. Shonda Rhimes is the producer if that gives you any clue of how amazing this show is (think Grey's Anatomy and Scandal). The basic plot follows a lawyer (played by Viola Davis who absolutely slays in this role) and a group of law students who work for her; together they get involved in very complex cases while also struggling with their problems. These problems could include relationship issues or questioning what the right thing to do is in a risky situation. In a similar set-up to Grey's, each case somehow connects with the characters' issues: for example, if somebody in a case did something terrible and won't own up to it, a main character may also be struggling with a guilty secret of their own. Season three just finished, and every season is amazing. Just when you think there can't be a bigger cliff-hanger, something crazy will happen. You will get sucked in after the first episode.  -Clara Lyden


4. Scream: The TV Series

If you’re a fan of the Scream movies, you’ll be a bigger fan of the TV show because there's a lot more to watch with a very interesting group of characters. It centers on a murderer targeting a group of high school kids. This eventually turns into a killing spree, so we're warning you again not to get attached. It does hurt when your favorite character is killed off. Scream consists of fun characters, and it’s a mix of thriller and comedy, so it won’t fail to make you smile, even when there is a killer on the loose. Besides the mystery of who's behind the mask, there are other secrets linked to the main characters causing more problems within the friend circle, which makes it hard for them to trust each other. There are two seasons so far so if you do love it (you will), there's plenty to watch till the next season comes out.  -Ridhima Jagtap

5. Stranger Things

You must have heard about this one by now! A bunch of kids, superpowers, unknown beings. Sound familiar? Well if you don't know, Stranger Things is a new Netflix original, and it's another great show to add to your list. When a boy goes missing, his friends and family face dark forces in order to get him back. Let me just tell you that once you start this show, you won’t want to get off of Netflix. You’ll try to figure out where certain parts of the puzzle fit, and you’ll also be wondering how a group of twelve year olds are smarter than you. Better start watching because season two comes out in October, and you definitely do not want to miss that!  -Ridhima Jagtap

6. Black Mirror

This Netflix original is great for any science fiction lover out there. However, you don't need to be an avid sci-fi lover in order to get hooked on the episodes. Each episode is its own story, so there is not a continuous storyline. Instead, each story is devoted to a specific concept, such as time travel or technological devices that allow people to rate each other on a 5 star scale (the rating episode is Season 3 Episode 1). With each story comes a plot that questions morality and comments on issues that plague us today, such as our time spent on social media. While not all of these episodes have the most satisfying endings, they definitely leave you thinking and reflecting. It's a great show to watch with someone else, so you guys can discuss it after because everybody does that, right? If you are looking for one episode to try out, try out Season 3 Episode 4 because the relationship between the two main characters is very touching.  -Clara Lyden


7. The Good Place

This is a brand new comedy staring Kristen Bell. It is about one kind-of-terrible person, Eleanor Shellstrop, who some how ended up in "the good place" (AKA heaven). She is mistaken for someone much better, and her presence in the good place stirs up a lot of trouble. Throughout the show, Eleanor struggles about what it means to be good, and she even starts to become a better person along the way. This comedy is full of quirks and plot twists that will have you laughing one second and on the edge of your seat the next. The entire first season is streaming on Hulu so go watch it ASAP. Whether you like comedies or not, I promise that you won't be disappointed.  -Kat Schaaf

8. American Housewife

This is another new comedy that we are obsessed with. If you loved the movie Bad Moms then this show is the next best thing. It is about (you guessed it) an American housewife named Katy Otto who deals with normal struggles of being a mom while in suburbia. She earned the title as "The Second Fattest Housewife in Westport" and deals with the other rich housewifes who think that they are perfect. This show is extremely relatable even for young college girls because the main character constantly deals with being judged by everyone around her. It sends an awesome message to be yourself because no one is actually perfect. Watching it is sure to get your mind off of the stresses of college life. The show currently runs on ABC, but you can catch up on Hulu.  -Kat Schaaf

9. Powerless

This is a brand new sitcom on NBC. Vanessa Hudgens stars as a very ambitious new employee of a company called Wayne Security  that makes products to protect normal people against superheroes and supervillians. This show has a great concept that we are really liking so far. Instead of focusing on the superheroes and vilians, it focuses on real people who are pretty much outcasts. Also, it ties the superheroes and villians of DC comics into the show, like Batman. Although there are only a few episodes out right now, you give it a try when it airs on Thursdays at 8:30 p.m.  -Kat Schaaf

10. The Mindy Project

A Hulu original drama that is wirth the monthly subscription in itself. It is about a young and stylish OB/GYN named Dr. Mindy Lahiri living in New York City who is the ultimate hopeless romantic. She is constantly trying to find the man of her dreams while dealing with her crazy co-workers. This show is great because it is extremely entertaining, and you start to really love all of the characters. Each episode comes with it's own dilemma in the world of Mindy and her co-workers that will have you laughing until you cry. The main character in this comedy is played by Mindy Kaling who also produces and writes the show. Mindy Kaling is such an inspirational female figure in Hollywood who promotes body positivity and seld love. There are curently five seasons on Hulu, making it perfect for binge watching.  -Kat Schaaf 

11. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

This comedy is super creative and one-of-a-kind. The plot is pretty ridiculous—a woman named Rebecca moves across the country to chase a crush/lover from her adolescent days. They only dated during summer camp, but she feels that he is her true love. On an impulse Rebecca leaves her super well-paying job to move to his California town. Even though she appears a little crazy, she is actually so real and relatable. Rebecca isn't afraid to put her emotions out there, even if it means getting hurt, and she owns up to being a little quirky. She also is able to brush off embarrassing situations so easily in a way that we can envy. All of the characters in this show have their own quirks, plus people will randomly break out into musical numbers. We definitely recommend this show if you are looking for something light, funny and just downright fun.  -Clara Lyden

Hopefully, a few of these shows have sparked your interest and inspired you to try watching something new. Any shows that you think everybody needs to know about?