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101 Things to Do Before You Graduate Iowa: #3

101 Things to do before you graduate Iowa

Before graduating Iowa there are so many things you don’t want to miss out on and look back and say, “I never knew about that” or “I wish I had done that”.  So here’s Iowa’s Her Campus Bucket List: 101 things to do before you graduate.  Try to see how many things you can do around campus in your spare time!
#3 Ride the Cambus to the other side of campus.
Have you ever rode the Cambus to class?  Or taken it to the bars in the winter so you didn’t have to walk?  Don’t know what the Cambus is?
Cambus is a free transit system for all students!  You can take it from Burge Hall all the way to the hospital and Hawk Lots!
So you have thought about taking it to class but how about taking the Cambus for fun!  Take the Cambus across campus, to the hospitals or Kinnick Stadium and get off and walk around!  Go exploring after your ride!
Let us know where you end up! Don’t forget your GPS (just in case you get lost)!

Deanna is a junior journalism and studio arts major at the University of Iowa. Born in Spring Grove, IL, Deanna has been involved in journalism ever since her high school yearbook editing days. Since coming to Iowa in 2008, Deanna has joined Dance Marathon and Ed on Campus. In 2010, Deanna joined the Her Campus team as a writer and in October became a Branch Manager. When Deanna is not writing you can find her hanging out with her friends, taking pictures, reading novels, playing intramural sports and cheering on the Hawkeyes. Deanna hopes to become a magazine reporter or editor in Chicago or New York City in the future.
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