10 Songs That Will Help You Get Ready To Out Like A Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl's most famous characters, Serena and Blair, are the perfect representation of young, carefree and fun. Throughout all six season of Gossip Girl, we see S and B have many, many, wild nights on the town. Ah, the masquerade parties, fashion shows, fancy dinners, secret clubs and speakeasies. The girls are always sure to have the perfect make up...

the most extra outfits...

a bit of booze...

and, of course, each other!

Who hasn't wanted to have a wild night like the gossip girls?

While I can't promise you any Chuck Bass action, I can promise that this "Going Out Like a Gossip Girl" playlist will totally get you in the glamourous mood Serena and Blair always seem to be in when they step out on the town! With songs by Rihanna, Cherub, Beyonce, Amy Winehouse and Leighton Meester (aka the girl who plays Blair in GG), there's a little something for everyone, from girly go-getters like Blair to sultry stars like Serena.

Get ready to go out like a gossip girl, and you'll never have a problem strutting your stuff when you take on the night!

Now go dance the night away! XOXO


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