UD, You End Too Late & Now I Have FOMO

As most people know, the University of Delaware is notorious for their super long winter break and then ending extremely late in May. This leads to many Delaware students experiencing the phenomenon of FOMO, otherwise known as “fear of missing out.” Either all of your friends leave you to suffer alone in your boring towns in the dead of winter or all of your friends go home to enjoy the nice weather together. And you are, of course, not even done with classes.

The second week of May officially marks the beginning of summer for every college student across the nation except in the state of Delaware. I mean, the state is just so small everyone tends to forget about it anyway. So we all are cramming and studying while simultaneously trying to keep up with everything our friend group is doing at home. We do not want to be out of the loop, duh.

Or you can be the type of person that avoids social media all together. The type of person who just gets so sad seeing everyone else having so much fun without them. This is a very understandable approach but everyone needs a break from studying these next few weeks

So enjoy trying to keep up with your hometown friends while keeping up with everything you neglected this semester!