Life Is a Battlefield

In recent times, there has been an increase in conversations surrounding mental illnesses and yet, the misconception that those with mental illnesses are inherently weak persists. This myth is harmful to those with mental illnesses, for they may internalize the message, blame themselves and manifest learned helplessness, shame and frustration. The catastrophic effects stemming from this particular stigma must be eradicated for, in reality, those with mental illnesses are not weak and broken. Rather, they are mental health warriors for, despite having odds stacked up against them, they are still functioning to the best of their abilities. This alone is an amazing feat considering the fact that they deal with bullies in their heads who relentlessly push their limits and deem them unworthy. They never wanted mental illnesses but they are doing their best and that simply has to be enough.

Life is a Battlefield

Hope slithers in from unexpected places

where strange happiness resides.

A foreign concept that once used to be a friendly companion.


From a young age, that innocent happiness was chased away by something much more sinister--

a type of darkness not meant for the weak to handle.

It selectively picks the ones strong enough to fight the battle.

Indeed, there is no such thing as pitiful victims.


We mental health warriors are fighting a battle we never signed up for.

Dodging left and right, we hope to survive just one more day.


Shielding others from our gray lens,

we put on a façade to assure others that we are okay.

For we must be okay, right?


We carry the burden of our dead weight and trudge through the day,

hoping to see the light hidden behind corners.


We fight on the battlefield everyday,

strategically avoiding danger

and heading towards a safe haven

just to catch a breath momentarily.


Jumping over explosives

and running away from ambushes,

we are always on the alert.


With keen eyes,

we analyze our surroundings

and determine how to go about the day.


Supplied with weapons,

we are always on guard,

never falling victims to desolation.


Even on the days when our feet feel like bricks,

we march on

and chant for a better life.


We are truly warriors

for we may not be okay,

but we will be one day.