Felipe Barraza: Her Campus UDel's Solo Male Member & Snapchat Chair

    I had the pleasure of interviewing the only male member of our chapter, Felipe Barraza. Felipe is from Buenos Aires, Argentina and is currently studying Electrical Engineering, although he hopes to switch into Biomedical Engineering or Materials Science and Engineering. Felipe’s sense of humor and enthusiasm has been a fantastic contribution to the chapter as a whole. As Snapchat chair, Felipe is constantly entertaining his campuswide audience.

HC: What was it like learning two different languages growing up?

FB: It was my reality so I didn't think much of it. Because we visited the United States a lot and American culture is huge in Argentina, it really didn't strike me as strange to go to school and learn English along with Spanish.

HC: How does the Super Bowl compare to soccer in Argentina?

FB: The Super Bowl and the fans are lame compared to what we have in Argentina. You have not witnessed a true love for a sport until you go watch a soccer game in the home stadium. This crazed fanaticism got so bad that they don't allow fans from the visiting teams.  

HC: What is it like learning engineering in your second language?

FB: I don't mind it. It's gotten to the point where I don't have to translate information in my head. This is both good and bad; it's good because learning is much faster and smoother, but its really bad because it means I am losing touch with my Argentine side -- something I care deeply about.

HC: What’s it like being the only guy in Delaware’s Her Campus chapter?

FB: It’s so much fun! I enjoy hearing what everyone has to say, and I also love giving my male input on things. I also like being the only guy because it makes me unique.

HC: Why did you want to be a part of Her Campus?

FB: I thought to myself, "why not?" I wanted to get more involved in activities when I transferred to the University of Delaware, and I thought it would be a cool experience to be a guy in what seemed to be a female only thing. So when I was presented with the strange opportunity to be a part of something cool, I happily took it.

HC: What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

FB: I enjoy watching dumb YouTube videos, sitting around with my dogs, drawing, and studying (because engineering sucks the life out of you).

HC: What’s your favorite part about running the Her Campus Snapchat?

FB: I get to express my sass in a creative little show kind of way. I used to be this funny/sassy person in high school, where I would rip on sh*t or be overly dramatic about the simplest things. With the Snapchat, I feel like I can continue to do that for my wonderful audience, because you know, in college nobody really gives a heck about you or the scene you are making.

HC: What is a quote that speaks to you and why?

FB: "If it’s not fun, why bother?" This quote really speaks to me because I always try to have fun with everything I do in life. That way you are happier. School work? I try to have fun with it. Boring dinner with those family members? Try to have fun. And if you can’t have fun, why bother? A class isn't fun? Drop it. The party is lame? Leave. If it's something mandatory, don't let it get you down -- just do whatever you have to do and move on.

HC: What’s your favorite food to eat on Main Street?

FB: Buffalo chicken taquitos from 7-11 save my life.

HC: What do you miss most about Argentina?

FB: My family. If you think one Argentine is crazy and wacky, you have no idea what a whole family of them will put you through.

HC: What’s your favorite TV show to binge watch?

FB: I personally don't like to binge, but it would have to be either Parks and Rec or Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

HC: Name one goal you set for yourself in 2018.

FB: To go to the gym more and be healthier!

If you don’t already, make sure to follow our Her Campus Snapchat account chaired by Felipe @hercampusudel.