YouTube Channels You Should Be Watching

YouTube is a seriously amazing resource that I often forget exists. Some people are obsessed with watching Youtube videos and I never really understood the attraction until I signed up to write this article. YouTube is filled with helpful hacks, relaxing beauty videos, hilarious vlogs (video blogs) and fantastic sources for getting your daily news in an interesting way. Below is a list of a few channels that you should definitely check out.  If you're new to the YouTube scene, these channels will hopefully inspire you and lead you to even more creators and videos that you love! 



Beauty and Fashion videos are some of my favorites to watch on YouTube. There is something so relaxing about watching someone show you their daily outfits, and something hypnotizing about watching a beauty blender do its thing. This category is definitely based on personal preference: do you prefer laid-back videos with simple, easy-to-do makeup looks, or are you all-in for the crazy Technicolor makeup looks that turn every head? Whatever your preference, you'll definitely enjoy the women on this list: 

LoeyLane - Loey's makeup looks are gorgeous, relatively easy to obtain, and created largely with products that a college budget can afford. She also creates fantastic fashion videos, particularly for plus-sized women. 

Nabela Noor - Nabela's videos are so aesthetically beautiful and they're filled with fantastic makeup and fashion advice. She also vlogs a lot about her relationship with her (adorable) husband, her life as a Bangladeshi-American, her experiences as a plus-sized woman, and creates great "life-hack" videos! 

Thataylaa - If you're looking for honest, quality beauty videos that will help you choose makeup products and learn how to apply them properly, check out Taylor's channel. Taylor is extremely open about her skin issues, which is very helpful to viewers who have similar problems. She creates "Foundation Friday" videos where she reviews many different foundations and shows you how to create step-by-step looks. 

Zoella - Zoella's channel is one that I check into pretty much every single day. Her videos are sweet, funny and extremely well-made. Zoella is British (you can't beat her fantastic accent) and thus she will open you up to a whole world of British fashion and makeup brands that you never knew existed. Her channel has over 11 million subscribers, and for good reason. Her videos are the perfect mix of casual and chatty without coming across as obnoxious or overbearing. Her makeup tutorials are achievable and excellent and her fashion videos will have you spending every dollar you make (but it's so worth it).

Ladylike - BuzzFeed is definitely my favorite YouTube channel and Ladylike is one of their best playlists. The Ladylike videos are a compilation of BuzzFeed's female staff taking part in videos that will engage your curiosity, give you great life tips, and simply provide you with hours and hours of content to turn your "study break" into an all-out binge. Ladylike's videos are often fluff pieces; great for relaxing and learning something new about makeup/fashion, such as their "Women Try Tape Contouring" video. However, they also delve into deeper topics related to womanhood while maintaining a fun-vibe like in their video, "29 Questions Women Ask Themselves". 

Sarah Rae Vargas - Sarah's videos are EXTRA in the best possible way. On Sarah's channel, you'll find videos that get straight to the point in terms of plus-sized fashion, relationship questions/concerns, mental health, and lots of videos surrounding sex questions and sex positivity! If you're interested in watching videos that make you feel like you're hanging out with (and getting some great advice) from you best friend, check out Sarah's channel. 



Billy On The Street - I cannot say enough good things about Billy Eichner. Not only is he hilarious, cute, and someone that I definitely want to be best friends with, but his comedy is eye-opening, confident, and demanding of respect - we could all learn a thing or two from Billy. Billy on The Street consists of Billy Eichner, usually accompanied by a famous guest star (think: Tina Fey, Steven Colbert, Jon Hamm...) running around NYC yelling at people on the street, and surprising perfect strangers by asking them to answer a question "for a dollar". If you're looking to smile, check out Billy's channel (just don't do it in lecture, because you probably won't be able to contain your laughter). 

The McClure Twins - I don't think I've ever seen two cuter kids than these perfect little ones! Check out this channel for some serious "aww" moments and be prepared to laugh as you try your best to decipher what these two are saying.



Lennon & Maisy Stella - These two unbelievably talented sisters sing some of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard. Lennon and Maisy can currently be seen on CMT's hit show Nashville, where they do lots of singing, but also be sure to check out their channel in between episodes for covers and originals that are full of amazing harmonies and melodies that are sure to soothe you. (P.S. Click this picture for a link to Lennon's gorgeous Instagram!)

The Pink House Sessions - No matter your music taste, trust me when I say that you'll want to check out this channel. Described as "a collection of inspired moments captured between musicians and filmmakers," this collection of videos brings all different types of musicians to The Pink House in Nashville, Tennessee, where they make some amazing music. A personal favorite is the Pink House Session recording of "Somewhere Along The Way" by the amazing band, Dawes. Warning: this song will take over your soul.

Button Poetry - Bringing performance poetry to the masses since 2011, Button Poetry is an amazing channel. Poets whose names you might recognize, such as Neil Hilborn, perform with Button Poetry and the channel is also a fantastic resource for finding new poets, new poetry, and is a way to relax and truly listen after a long day. "OCD" by Neil Hilborn and "Building" by Javon Johnson are two of my personal favorites, make sure to check them out, and get ready to be inspired! 


News/What You Need to Know: 

Vox - If you're looking for a unique way to get honest and factual news, watch Vox. Vox's videos aren't meant to substitute for the likes of media outlets like CNN or NPR, but they will definitely provide you with high quality videos that openly address the political climate of the world today, social issues, and some interesting history as well. 

Facts. - Dubbed by HC UConn writer Lauren as "BuzzFeed with Irish people," this channel is very similar to BuzzFeed, except it's full of Irish accents! What more could you want? 

How To Cake It - Though baking might not qualify as a "need to know" skill, it's definitely something that you'll want to know after watching these amazing videos. Yolanda makes INSANE cakes that you won't believe are actually edible, they're that beautiful. Her videos are also charming, down-to-earth, and so aesthetically pleasing - just make sure you have some snacks on hand! 

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