Worst People in Your Classes as Told By Awkward Black Girl

Hey girl, you might be a little confused by the title so let me clarify things for you. Awkward Black Girl is a comedy web series on Youtube. The show focuses on the main character J (an African American woman) and her relationships with her co-workers and lovers in some pretty cringey situations. J finds herself in a dead end job, without any real friends and making some dumb decisions. Now that you’re an ABG expert, you feel J’s pain when it comes to the annoying and obnoxious.

1. The person who uses “like” after every other word. Honey, would you “like” help picking up a book?

2. The mumbler personally gets me the most. I will break into a sweat from straining my hearing.

3. The runaway model does look great, I will admit, but we can’t all dress like that for 8 ams.

4. (Professor Pick) The person who disrupts the class by shuffling their things together and leaves early.

5. (Student Pick) The monotone professor who cracks a few jokes but no one can tell the difference.


Besides the worst people in your class, Awkward Black Girl has some of the worst character personas. What I mean by worst character personas is that you truly grow to dislike the characters as if they were treating you how they treat J. If you’re interested in starting something new, but don’t want much of a time commitment, definitely consider watching Awkward Black Girl.

Best of luck with your binge watching!


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