Worst People In Your Class As Told by New Girl

Getting back in the flow of the classroom can be hard, and our peers can make it even more painful. Nothing is worse than just trying to survive your lecture with *that* kid in your class. You know, the one annoying kid who just rubs you the wrong way. But we realized that the characters of New Girl knows how you feel better than anyone. Odds are you’ve had at least one of these kids in your class….


The kid who falls asleep in class (AND SNORES) 

I mean we’re all tired...but come on! Normally this person wouldn’t make the list, but the snoring is what tips us over the edge. Come on, get it together. 


The mansplainer

This is that guy. You know who I’m talking about. The dude who thinks he knows absolutely everything and is totally not afraid to inform you that he knows it. He is the worst


The devil’s advocate

This person is a close relative of “the mansplainer.” This is the person who likes to take the opposite stance or “play devil's advocate” just because they can and stir up trouble. This person is problematic and they don’t care. AT. ALL. 


The one who takes your unofficial assigned seat

This is maybe the worst one on the list. Whoever thought assigned seating was a thing of the past is surely mistaken. That is your seat. How dare they? 


The sick kid who spreads their germs

Does this even need an explanation? Please keep your coughing, sneezing self away from me. I am not trying to catch whatever you have. 


The wannabe pro athlete

This is the kid that loudly announces he has to leave five minutes early every day because he has “practice.” He’s super full of himself, and is *positive* he’s going pro one day. Dude, you’re a walk-on who rides the bench...chill. 


The person who brings food 

(Then proceeds to eat it and doesn’t share). Oh, and the food smells too. There is nothing worse than being sitting in a lecture with strong smelling food and an empty stomach. This person is also scientifically proven to be the loudest chewer in the entire world. 

The copycat

This is the guy who. Never. Does. The. Work. And always want to copy yours at the last second right before the professor collects it. While you’re more than happy to help a friend on occasion...dude! DO YOUR OWN WORK! 

The person who asks SO. MANY. QUESTIONS. 

Yeah I'm sure the proffessor claims that they're thrilled to have somebody so invloved in the lecture material, but man they've made an enemy out of the rest of the class. Of course they have a comment to add or a question to ask after every single thing the professor says. They also somehow seem to also know everything? What the heck. Enough is enough dude. 

The social butterfly

This is that person who sits at the front of the room and talks either on her phone or to her friends the whole time. That’s a great conversation you’re having with your friend — too bad it’s not on the test or going to help the rest of us get a degree! 


If you know your friends are any of the types of people on this list be sure to tag them below! And if you find yourself somewhere on this list, be sure to get it together. We've all got two long semesters to go....