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Working in Retail Over the Holidays as told by The Grinch

If you’ve ever worked in retail, you know the struggle: angry shoppers, seemilngly endless shifts, and paychecks that don’t seem big enough for it to be worth it. And just when you think it couldn’t possibly get any worse, the holidays roll around and prove you wrong. There’s no faster way to turn into a real-life Grinch than having to work in retail during the holiday season, so check out these struggles as told by the Grinch himself.


Listening to the same holiday playlist over and over

Not getting to enjoy your own holiday plans because you have to work

Having to leave 30 minutes early just to find a parking spot

You’re 100% sure your six hour shift is almost over, but you check the clock and only an hour has gone by

Having to refold the same sweater at least 100 times per shift

Angry customers who blame you for not having the right size…

It’s not my fault you waited until Christmas Eve to do your shopping.  


Then they look at the price and get mad at you as if you have any control of it.

When customers have complicated returns/exchanges and then get mad when it takes too long

Yeah, there’s plenty of things I’d rather be doing right now too, lady.   


“Checking” the back room for something you know isn’t there, just to get away for a few minutes

When your friends expect you to get them a gift from somewhere other than where you work

I don’t care what you actually want, I’m not letting my employee discount go to waste.  


By the time Christmas rolls around, you have no holiday spirit left.

And you drive home after every shift like…

Happy Holidays, Collegiettes! 


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