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Women in Afghanistan: How the crisis has prevented their progress towards equality

Afghanistan is a country many of us have heard over and over in the news. One would need lots of time to even attempt to explain the very complex crisis in Afghanistan. The war and violence in the nation seems to be never-ending and stems from years of political instability and corruption. After twenty years of war, the Taliban terrorist groups have taken the capital city of Kabul, leaving the country in a state of chaos and millions of Afghan people displaced and searching for safety. In particular, women are one of the groups most at risk with the new regime in power. Here are some things to keep in mind in regards to the crisis: 

The Taliban follow an extreme interpretation of Shariah Law 

The Taliban are an extremist terrorist group that follows a particularly strict version of Sunni Islam. The group’s interpretation limits many aspects of a women’s day-to-day life including job availability, access to education, dress, as well as overt gender segregation. Both Afghans and non-Afghans alike are fearful of what will happen to women’s freedom in the coming months.

Girl’s education is disappearing

In the past twenty years, there has been a lot of progress regarding young girls’ access to education; more girls than ever have found themselves in classrooms and pursuing their goals. But, with the rise of the Taliban attacks on schools and villages, it has become very unsafe for all children to attend school. It is estimated that 1 million children will be missing out on an education, and there is a concern that some will never have the chance to return.   

Prior to the crisis, there was a lot of progress for Afghan women

It is so important to emphasize that although they are in power, the Taliban do not represent the majority in Afghanistan. The Afghan people are victims of years of violence and distress in their country. Just last year, the government had made women’s equality a priority for their nation. More women than ever had joined the political scene as governors, mayors, and members of parliament. And now, all that representation is being taken away.

The women in Afghanistan are extremely strong

The bravery of Afghan women can truly never be emphasized enough. They have fought and continue to fight every day for their rights to education, representation, and equality in all fields. The current regime may be stunting progress, but with outside support and the never-ending strength of Afghan women, there is hope for what the future can hold.

They still need our support

All Afghan people are brave and resilient, but they are currently in dire need of support and relief. Through research, one can find funds and organziations that are sending humanitarian aid. One can help those displaced and those still in Afghanistan who are fighting for their nation. 

Emma is in her second year at UCONN and studying Human Rights and Political Science. She loves anything that includes a warm oat milk latte and a good book.
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