Why We're Thankful for Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving break seemed to be just a dream back in September.  Actually, it seemed like a distant dream even last week.  But here it is, an entire nine days away from the stress and turmoil that is college life.  Here's why we're beyond thankful for this time to ourselves.

1. We are frat boy free.

2. We get to see our friends from home.

3. We get to love up on our pets.





4. We get home cooked meals.

5. We don't have to walk in the rain, or walk anywhere for that matter.

6. We get to make a little ~moolah~ at work.

7. We don't have to see that one annoying professor for a whole week.

8. We get to make up for missed "me time."

9. We get to hang out with our family, especially on Thanksgiving!

10. We don't have to worry about deadlines, projects, assignments, or reading... until finals crunch time.


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