Why We Chose UConn

If you are a current high school senior with hopes of attending college, you are probably stressed.  Having been in this same position a year ago, I have distinct memories of how this process felt, as well as the several factors that influenced the major decision you will soon make.

If you were accepted into UConn, congrats! Should you attend UConn? Possibly, but everyone’s decision is unique. For me, UConn was always a given. I grew up sledding down Horsebarn Hill, cheering on UConn basketball teams, grabbing meals at the Student Union or Storrs Center, ice skating at Fritas, and picnicking next to Mirror Lake. My dad is a professor, so I always had the inside scoop when it came to all things UConn, and got to enjoy many benefits like the free student union theater and discounts at the Co-op. When I got my letter of acceptance in the mail, I knew that I was looking at my home for the next four years.

I am the first to admit that my situation is unique, so I asked a few of the amazing people I have met here at UConn what prompted there decision to bleed blue and here is what they had to say:

“I would say I chose UConn because I loved the campus (I’m sure my tour guide helped me come to that conclusion because she was great). For me, it was one of those moments where I knew immediately that I could see myself going here. It was the perfect distance away from home (not too far, not too close). Also it had such great school spirit compared to other schools I was looking at. And lastly, Rowing was also a big factor because I wanted to be apart of a tight knit group and I saw it as a great opportunity.”



“I visited a lot of schools before UConn and I was having a hard time choosing between them. I thought I could see myself at each of them, but I felt an underlying nervousness about committing to any of them. Once I visited UConn on admitted students day, that all changed. As soon as I stepped on campus I had that “aha” moment and instantly felt a connection with the school—it’s cliche but the saying really is true that, “when you know, you know”.”



“My first ever “college like” experience was at UConn during a sleep away field hockey camp hosted here. It was the first time I felt what it was like to sleep in a dorm, to eat in a dining hall amongst my friends, or even to walk within an actual campus. I remember feeling comfortable as I walked across the turf, with one of those beautiful Storrs sunsets behind me, and for the first time I felt that when the time came I would be okay leaving my life at home for a new and promising one here. Despite touring other schools and liking them, I found myself constantly comparing them to UConn. After thinking about it, it was obvious that no other place resonated with me as much as this one did. It just felt right.”



“I chose UConn because I wanted a big university where I could find ways to make it small. Since I was accepted into the honors program, I knew it would be a good way to find friends in a smaller community. I also wanted an academically reputable school with a nice campus feel. I also knew there were a lot of resources and opportunities to study almost anything I wanted to.”



“I decided to come to UConn for many different reasons. First, I knew I wanted to be far enough away from home so that I would not be going home every weekend. Additionally, I chose UConn because of the program they have for my major. Finally, I chose this school to put myself out there by attending a university where no one else from my area went to.”



It might be cliche, but remember everything is what you make of it! If you were rejected from your dream school and feel like all is lost, I’ll be the millionth person to tell you it is NOT! Take this opportunity to find another school to call home. And, if you chose to make UConn a part of your next chapter, I hope Storrs becomes just as much of a home for you as it is for me.