Why We All Hate Group Projects

There’s nothing like going through the syllabus on the first day of class and turning the page to find a group project will be assigned that is a huge percentage of your grade. Or even better, a professor hits you with a surprise attack and assigns one in the middle of the semester. Let's be honest, group projects suck and bring on additional stress, which is the opposite of what the average college student needs. Here are some struggles of working on a group project:

Being forced to work with people you don’t know

This can go one of two ways: the people in your group are really cool and working on the project goes really well (HA), or you realize that you didn’t know people can suck so bad and it’s hell (which is usually what happens).


When your professor says to “divide the work up equally” and then you end up doing the whole thing

Doesn’t it seem like every time you have to work in a group, you end up doing the entire project? No, really, it’s fine I’ll do everything. Love it.


Everyone has different schedules and can never find time to meet

The constant back and forth of “I can do Monday at 5,” “That doesn’t work, I have class but I can do Wednesday at 3:30,” “Nope I have a thing” (yeah, sure..) LITERALLY I COULD HAVE DONE THIS ON MY OWN.


No one answers the group message

*Let me make a group message with my awesome group members so it’s easier to communicate*

  • Me: hey when is this part due?
  • Everyone else:
  • Everyone else:
  • Everyone else:
  • Everyone else:
  • Me: k thanks


Your grade is in the hands of your group members.

Because if one goes down, WE ALL GO DOWN TOGETHER.

With only three weeks of classes left, hopefully all of those group projects are almost done and you can say SEE YA to the ~awesome~ new people you met.






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