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Why Offset’s Attempts to Get Cardi Back are Not Okay

With all the media coverage, it’s been really hard to not follow the Offset and Cardi B’s recent breakup. I don’t tend to follow celebrity relationship drama, let alone start discussions about it. However, after seeing Offset’s public reactions to their breakup, I couldn’t hold back from voicing my own opinion. If you’re not familiar with the relationship, check out this timeline from Vulture.

Essentially, after many different rumors about Offset cheating on Cardi, she decided to end the marriage earlier this month. Despite all of the rumors, she said they still have “a lot of love for each other,” in her now-deleted instagram video announcing their separation. Offset has demonstrated how upset he is, vowing to win Cardi back.

Since their breakup, Offset has been pestering Cardi to take him back through over-the-top public gestures, such as getting crowds at 21 Savage’s concert to chant “Cardi, Take Back Offset!” or crashing her concert with a big sign saying “Take Me Back, Cardi.”

I love romantic gestures as much as the next person, but this is the exact opposite of one. Instead of talking about their problems and trying to come to a solution, these extravagant gestures are doing nothing except pressuring Cardi to take him back with no change. If the Offset respected Cardi, he would also respect her choice to no longer be with him.

Instead of crashing her set begging her to take him back, the Offset should be respecting her space. Cardi has every right to not want to be in a relationship with him anymore. She also has every right to make her own choice to take him back. Without a discussion of what went wrong the first time, and an attempt to fix those problems, their relationship is bound to have the same outcome.


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