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Why Going Greek Was the Plot Twist I Needed

If we’re being honest, I had a rough freshman year of college.  It was not the easy, breezy, beautiful experience that we typically associate with our new found freedom.  It was intensely emotional.  It was mentally and physically draining.  I dealt with several of the hardest things I had ever experienced in the span of weeks.  I was down on myself and needed a change.  No, more like a plot twist.  So, I decided to do something crazy: I rushed a sorority.  Here’s what I can say about my journey thus far.

1. I feel empowered.  The women surrounding me are successful, fierce, driven souls that hold themselves to the highest standards of society.  Every sister is a role model in her own unique way.  Not only do I feel like I should live up to their expectations, I feel like I CAN.  I am encouraged to be my best in every aspect that is me.   

2. I feel at home.  College is a big pond, and I’m a little fish.  I was very lonely during my first year.  But every time I walk into the sorority house, I feel more welcomed (and loved) than other places on campus.  

3. I feel safe.  Sororities and Greek life in general get a bad rap from pop culture depictions (anybody ever seen Animal House?).  The women I now associate myself with accept me as I am, and want to see me blossom, not drag me down.  Instead of feeling like I have something to prove, I know that I can be completely and unapologetically myself.  I can be loud, funny, caring, weird, me.

4.  I feel in control.  On a large scale, I know that I chose this path. I chose to rush at the time that I did because it was right for me.  I will choose to continue on this path because I believe in the values my sorority is built on.   On a much smaller scale, I have better time management skills, as I balance sorority, athletic, and educational obligations.  Being so busy seems daunting, but I get it done.

5. I feel new.  There is no other word to describe this last point.  I am not the same girl I was a few months ago.  I’m not lost, I’m not sad, and I’m certainly not scared of the future.  The opportunity to become a sister has opened up so many doors for me on and off campus.  The women in the sorority build me up.  They guide me in the right direction.  They advocate for me.  I am excited to become the independent and confident young woman I know I can be because, since joining, I choose to be the best version of me.  

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