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Why ‘The Bachelor’ is Ruining Our Lives

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Conn chapter.

My Dearest Ben Higgins,

Way back in January you claimed our hearts and haven’t let go. Now, you consume our Monday nights and on Tuesdays you are the only thing we talk about. You lured us in with your good looks and charm and invited us into your life.  You’ve allowed us all to be the judges of who is worthy of being called your wife from the original 28. Your relationship with us is going pretty steady, but there is one issue… you are ruining our lifes, and here’s why:


Monday Nights

As soon as the clock strikes 8 p.m. pajamas are on, homework is set aside, and a jar of nutella is whipped out. Life consists of exclusively The Bachelor for the next two hours, literally nothing else matters. Conversations are only as long as the commercial breaks and they pertain to the madness that is about to unwind.

The Favorites

Over the course of the first few weeks it is inevitable to start developing “favorites”. However, Ben does this thing where as soon as one of the girls starts to become your favorite he lets them go. Sometimes gently… other times not so much… remember Lauren H. & Emily?

No more drama

On the other hand, Ben let go of the drama queens pretty early. Now everything is quite mellow, which makes rose ceremonies extremely difficult to watch because you genuinely feel bad for the girls who get sent home instead of the moment of triumph when the girl everyone despises gets sent home. Speaking of which…


Yeah… that happened.

Unrealistic Dates

Not only does this show give us unrealistic expectations of men, but the dates Ben takes these girls on are unreal. Ben has taken the girls to Jamaica, Las Vegas, and the Bahamas. Not to mention some of the dates have included a casual afternoon swimming with pigs and a fashion show. Come on! (Although swimming with pigs might be a little weird… where are the dolphins Ben?)

The “Final Rose”

As if the final rose every week is not daunting enough, we have to wait for Chris Harrison to walk out and say the infamous line: “Ladies, this is the final rose.” No one has time for you Chris.  Our hearts are racing (probably faster than those of the girls at the actual ceremony) in anticipation for which of the remaining women will have their name called.

Ben Higgins

There are many reasons why Ben Higgins is the most popular bachelor in recent history, but the say a picture is a thousand words, so a gif must say a million:






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