Who's Qualified for Next Week's Debate

November’s Democratic debate takes place on Wednesday, November 20th in Atlanta, Georgia. In order to qualify for the upcoming debate candidates needed 165,000 individual donors and either two polls at 5% in the early nominating states like Iowa or New Hampshire or four polls at 3% in early nominating states or national surveys. Here are the candidates who’ve managed to make the cut.


Joe Biden

Position(s) held: former vice president, former senator from Delaware

In the polls: 26%

Political stance: moderate

Main issues: rebuilding the middle class, demonstrate respected leadership to the wold, and encouraging inclusion in our democracy through initiatives like protecting voting rights


Elizabeth Warren

Position(s) held: senator from Massachusetts 

In the polls: 20%

Political stance: very liberal

Main issues: rebuilding the middle class, ending corruption in Washington, and putting political and economic power back in the hands of the people


Bernie Sanders

Position(s) held: senator from Vermont

In the polls: 17%

Political stance: very liberal

Main issues: Medicare for All, College for All, and standing up for refugees and immigrants 


Pete Buttigieg 

Position(s) held: mayor of South Bend, Indiana

In the polls: 8%

Political stance: moderate

Main issues: protections for veterans, empowering working and middle class Americans, Medicare for All Who Want It


Kamala Harris

Position(s) held: senator from California

In the polls: 4%

Political stance: liberal

Main issues: Medicare for All, economic justice, and combating climate change


Andrew Yang

Position(s) held: entrepreneur

In the polls: 3%

Political stance: liberal

Main issues: Freedom Dividend (also known as Universal Basic Income), Medicare for All, move towards a human-centered economy focused on well-being and fulfillment 


Amy Klobuchar

Position(s) held: senator from Minnesota

In the polls: 2%

Political stance: moderate

Main issues: Expanding Medicare or Medicaid, shared prosperity and economic justice for the middle class, and tackling the climate crisis 


Cory Booker

Position(s) held: senator from New Jersey

In the polls: 2%

Political stance: liberal

Main issues: restoring American leadership, ensuring everyone has access to opportunity, justice and equality for all through initiatives like voting rights and criminal justice reform 


Tulsi Gabbard

Position(s) held: representative from Hawaii 

In the polls: 1%

Political stance: moderate

Main issues: enact a foreign policy of prosperity through peace, criminal justice reform, honoring and empowering veterans 


Tom Steyer

Position(s) held: hedge fund manager and philanthropist

In the polls: >1%

Political stance: liberal

Main issues: structural reform through initiatives like limiting congressional term limits, climate justice, empower a people-powered economy


Tune in on Wednesday, November 20th at 9pm to watch the debate live.







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