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Which “Thirteen Reasons Why” Character are You Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Conn chapter.

Selena Gomez’s project, Thirteen Reasons Why has become a quick hit for the Netflix generation. I don’t know what rock you have been living under if you haven’t yet started watching the long-awaited show. The thirteen-episode adaptation of Jay Asher’s novel, Thirteen Reasons Why had all our middle school selves screaming with delight. But the series is more than just a day-off binge full of cute boys. The show embodies a message, it encompasses a little piece of each and every one of us. It reminds us that every word out of our mouths, every action we take or don’t take, has a reaction. And that reaction could end someone’s life.

We can all find ways we relate to each character, whether it be Courtney’s fear of fully accepting herself or Tyler’s wallflower attitude. So, which character are you? Life of the party like Bryce? Or the charming and mysterious Zach Dempsey? Check out your zodiac sign to find out. Warning: There will be spoilers.


Aries: Marcus Cole

Aries are natural born leaders. They are independent and courageous, and enjoy leading others. Marcus ran for and won student class president. He was also the only guy from his group to ask a girl out on Valentine’s Day. Aries are ambitious. They set goals for themselves and can become aggravated when they cannot complete them. Marcus set his sights on Hannah on Valentine’s Day and was not happy when she rejected him.


Taurus: Sheri Holland

Tauruses are known for their work ethic. They are strong-willed and can become stubbornly set in their own ways. Sheri disregarded Hannah when she asked her to call the police immediately after they hit the stop sign and it may have been the reason Jeff got in an accident and passed away. Tauruses can often forget to think about others before they think about themselves. Taurus have an eye for beauty and there is no denying Sheri was a beautiful girl.


Gemini: Courtney Crimson

Geminis are social butterflies and are always ready for fun. They are never afraid to take their lives into their own hands. They can, however, suddenly become serious and overthink a subject. Courtney initiated the plan to expose whoever was taking pictures of Hannah and she encouraged Hannah to stand up for herself. At Hannah’s house, Courtney was having a good time until Tyler discovered her secret and she shut down and began ignoring Hannah.


Cancer: Jessica Davis

Cancers are incredibly sensitive and loyal. Jessica fully trusted Justin wouldn’t lie to her about Bryce, even though everyone had a gut feeling he must have. Cancers feel things so deeply and tend to bottle things up. I think it’s pretty obvious when Jessica started spending time with Bryce, she was trying to get Justin to finally admit Hannah hadn’t lied after refusing to admit it to herself. Cancers are inconsistent and spontaneous; they want to have a good time. They need security though, hence Jessica always being seen in a relationship.


Leo: Bryce Walker

Leos are always the life of the party. They are super generous with the ones they truly care about. Bryce always looked out for Justin, the person he probably considered his best friend. He offered his guest house to him and to “take care of” Justin’s mom’s potentially abusive boyfriend. Leos are also hot tempered and can go too far.


Virgo: Tyler Down

Virgos are, in one word, wallflowers. They can waste away their time overthinking every detail. They often miss the punchlines of jokes because they are too busy contemplating the correct answer. Tyler is easily a self-described wallflower. He would rather observe than participate. While being a “reason” brings the others together, it just pushes him further away.


Libra: Zach Dempsey

Libras are quiet and charming. They are more perceptive and give off a happy, go-with-the-flow vibe while they internalize their true thoughts. Libras don’t open up often so when they do and are rejected, they tend to lash out just like Zach did when he admitted to his feelings for Hannah. Even when Hannah wrote him the letter, he internalized what she had said rather than opening-up and responding to her.


Scorpio: Justin Foley

Scorpios are the most loyal of the signs. Justin’s loyalty to Bryce and Jessica is an internal conflict for him throughout the series. Scorpios are driven and dedicated. Justin was set in keeping Clay quiet, no matter what it took. Scorpios work incredibly hard to make sense of everything. I think Justin struggled the most with understanding how he went from being Hannah’s first kiss to being the first reason why.


Sagittarius: Alex Standall

Sagittarians like to stay positive. They enjoy meeting new people and base a lot of their self-worth in their friendships. Alex falls into being friends with the rest of the “reasons” out of fear of suffering in loneliness. Sagittarians can easily fall victim to peer pressure and this is probably the best reason for why Alex added Jessica and Hannah’s names to the hot or not list.


Capricorn: Ryan Shaver

Capricorns are courageous. They are always in the business of sharing how they feel. Ryan demonstrates this through his dedication to his paper, “Lost and Found.” They are blunt and bold, and always looking for the next best thing. Ryan published Hannah’s poem because he wanted to; he wasn’t looking out for her feelings because, frankly, it would help the good of the people. Capricorns also lack patience.


Aquarius: Hannah Baker

Aquarians care a lot about what others think of them and will take any opportunity to change someone’s negative opinion. Hannah wrote the letter to Zach in an attempt to connect with him and get him to understand how she felt. She took an opportunity again when making the tapes. She wanted to leave the last word of how each one of her classmates thought of her. A lot of Hannah’s problems stemmed from negativity others brought onto her and Aquarians hate that.


Pisces: Clay Jensen

Pisces are incredibly intuitive. They are good listeners and would prefer to listen than to talk. Clay is always an open ear for Hannah, but never expresses his own feelings which is what hurt him in the long run. Pisces are sensitive and reserved, just like Clay.          


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